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  • What Are We Doing Black People?

    What Are We Doing Black People?

    To our young black youth of today, please use your mind for what is right. The negative things will come and make us look like total bums, but staying positive is the way; for Jesus is here to stay.


    Perfection is a lifetime of do's and don't, where decisions are made to do everything right. But of course, there would be faults that are unaccounted for. We are not robots but genuine human beings who make mistakes to the point where it seems horrific.
  • Changing With Time

    Changing With Time

    There is a negative concept going around, and that concept is that it is okay to kill one another, if it is black on black. Still, as soon as a white person does it, it becomes a race issue. 


    Written by, M.T. Newton CHAPTER 1 - Puppy Days (To be continued...)

    Transcribed by KVI Network Creations


    "Who am I?" It is the question we all ask ourselves throughout our lifetime, whether we'd love to admit it or not. Some say that when you are about to die, one's entire life flashes in front of your eyes. Well, in my case, my life flashed before my eyes on many occasions, but I didn't die. I didn't want to die. But now...
  • Life is a Roller Coaster

    Life is a Roller Coaster

    You sit in one place relaxed and calmed and think back to all those times when you thought you would never make it. But here you are all relieved and peaceful, reminiscing the time when life was too tough for you to take. Life is unpredictable.