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Below you will find some of our works which inludes our published books currently on sale in digital and print. You can visit our blog section by clicking the book icon below to view our current spotlight events, read our unique short stories & prose; see other features of our domain and read about our affiliate authors and creators who share the flava of creativity. Our books are also on Google Play Book Store

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Cultures of Art, Prose & Short Stories


Thank you for visiting this page. Our blog (C.A.P.S.) also provides you with the latest updates and news of our company and also provides you with content whether in written or spoken word. Our forum and comment section are open to all. Feel free to participate or start a discussion. Your feedback is important to us.

This is a custom built website and we are making changes every day, so we apologize in advance if we don't get things right the first time. What we do get right however, is our transparency, integrity, and commitment to always finish the task.

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