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5 Narratives That Can Heal a Broken Heart

Let’s be honest, we have all had our share of heartbreaks and what better to heal a broken heart but short narratives? Nobody likes breaking up, however, it is a dilemma that happens to almost all of us. Have you ever felt that you need to connect with someone or something that could resonate with your feelings?

Well, narratives do that for you. Be it a short story or a passage, reading a few of these can generally lift your mood. Reading narratives not only help us understand our feelings but provides a sense of understanding.

Here is a list of our 5 favorite narratives that will surely heal the pain.

Self Discovery Narratives

Father would say that beauty was not based on the clothes
we wore, for in the beginning God made us perfect
creatures in His image. We all were created and born into
this world naked, with “no-thing(s)”. And our parents
deemed us cute, beautiful babes then, so what had
changed now? What had happened?

Visions of Prosetry- Vee Nelly

This book takes you on a ride. you will surely have a range of emotions. Each one will make you feel out of this world. This passage is a glimpse of what the book has to offer. A mixture of narratives that are intriguing and captivating.

Food For Thought Narratives

We all need to be positive, especially when we are feeling down. If you have dug yourself deep into the rabbit hole of despair, this narrative will surely help.

We are so stuck on what other people have put us
through that we fail to move forward. We rather throw
blame instead of finding the solution that can be of
eternal good.
If we continuously look for a reason to throw the
blame at, we will never get any further than where we

Thoughts and Aspirations – C Robert

This book talks about life in simplistic ways. The narratives are so simply put that you would immediately feel light. Very basic concepts are beautifully portrayed in each of the narratives.

Self Affirmations Narratives

Who doesn’t need that extra push? If you find yourself in need of a quick affirmation then this narrative will get you going!

Change is looking into one’s self and see a need to
become a better person and putting all that in action.
Making that effort to be better for yourself, your family and
your friends. So that all could see that wonderful person
you are on the inside.

Thoughts and Aspirations – C Robert

These narratives talk all about accepting who we are and bringing the change from within. It is a gorgeous mix of narratives that are eye-opening and close to the heart.

A Little Romantic Narratives Piece

Well, who doesn’t love some romantic narrative? Each of these narratives is simple yet have the power to take you on a romantic whirlwind. Perfect getaway from the broken heart thoughts.

Girl, he knows ever since he left you, you’ve cried yourself
to sleep.
You did not know how much he felt the pain. Every night in
his sleep when he dreams.
You never understood how much he loved you. Since he
never said it much every day.
He needs you to know at this moment, he does adore you,
and everything is to be Ok.

Thorns and Roses – Vee Nelly

Words of Wisdom

The best gift someone can give you is free advice. These narratives offer advice and words of wisdom which works wonders in healing the heart.

Often at times, we need to realize how there is more to life than just a simple feeling. These narratives help you understand life and its complexities.

When we trust someone, we develop feelings for that
person, which turns into love. We do whatever it takes
to prove to that person we love them, and that we can
be loyal to them, meaning that they are the only ones
our eyes behold each morning, noon, and evening.
…And to show them the utmost respect in everything
that is said and done, because they are who we say
we cherish, and the ones we love.

Thoughts Words and Actions – C Robert

Reading helps you discover the world, especially narratives, they help you realize how you and your troubles are small. a perfect getaway for those trying to mend their hearts. There is a special offer on these books, use the coupon below and get free access to the ebooks!



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