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  • 5 Interesting Books To Read During The Lockdown.

    5 Interesting Books To Read During The Lockdown.

    Looking for interesting books to read during the lockdown?

    It is true, COVID19 has truly altered the paradigm of life. While the whole world has been put to pause it seems like the time too has slowed down. Have your social gatherings become limited and you miss going out? If yes, then we have the perfect escape plan for you. 

    It is said, books are a man’s best friend and it is during these tough times that we have actually come across to find a books’ true worth. We have thus, listed down a few books to read during the lockdown.

    If you are a newbie when it comes to reading or already are a bookworm like me, these books will surely be a treat. If you are into short narratives then our article on it will be a delight for you.

    5 Books To Read During The Lockdown.

    Make some space as these books will stay on your bookshelf for a long time. 

    Generic Books to Read During The Lockdown:

    Making It Up As I Go Along ~Marian Keyes

    A very light read. This book is part memoir, part biography. It is so casually written that it seems like you are actually having a conversation with the author. 

    Love how Marian Keyes has given routine life such a humorous touch. The expressions and writing are very powerful and will keep you hooked.

    The best part of this book is how everyday chores like visiting a salon looks like in real life. It is amazing how each essay is tackled humorously yet looks like a scripture of our own daily routine.  A perfect book to read during the lockdown as it provides the perfect escape to what the world was before the pandemic.

    Memoir Books to Read During The Lockdown

    Shoe Dog~ Phil Knight

    Let’s be honest, the new routine has made us all slow. While we have become lethargic, our motivation has taken a hit too. 

    This book is a memoir by the creator of Nike. It truly redefines the meaning of being passionate. The book is beautifully written, it truly encapsulates each moment of Phil’s life. It feels like we are truly watching him grow and do everything. 

    The book is a perfect depiction of what hard work and persistence look like. It made me get out of bed and explore my passion. It is a must book to read during the lockdown, it surely will give you an extra push.

    Fictional Books to Read During The lockdown

    All Your Perfects~Colleen Hoover

    This book is for all those who wish to become parents. The struggle of infertility and how it breaks relationship is beautifully portrayed in this fictional book. 

    Many people have spoken on how difficult it is to not be able to conceive. However, very few have been able to capture the true pain. 

    The book is beautifully written and each character is made to impact you. This book moved me and made me realize how big the world is. 

    It is amazing how Colleen Hoover has translated the emotions in words. The struggle that the couple goes through.  The pain of not being pregnant each month and how it affects the relationship is truly commendable.

    A fiction book to read during the lockdown, it will definitely move you.

    Self-Help Books To Read During The Lockdown

    The First 20 Hours~Josh Kaufman

    Learning can be difficult especially when your schedule is full with your job, family and chores. It is said that a whole lot of time is required to achieve perfection, but what if you could learn new skills fast?

    This book is God sent literally. I love how the book talks about learning new skills and practicing to achieve perfection. Each goal is broken down into smaller pieces and then mastered. 

    Josh Kaufman’s words hit us hard. By the time you are done with this book you will have your notebook full of tips and a mind full of motivation to learn new things. 

    Very simply written, this book ticks all the boxes to being a perfect book to read during the lockdown!

    Sufism Books to Read During The Lockdown

    Forty Rules of Love~Elif Shafak

    Are you a fan of Sufism? If yes, then you have to give this book a read. This book has been hyped about a lot and it lives up to all the hype. It is indeed one of the best books to read during the lockdown.

    The book is about an unhappy wife who takes a job at a literary agent and comes across the scriptures of a novelist Aziz Zehra. 

    This novel takes you on a ride to a mixture of cultures and opens up doors to accepting uncertainties in life. 

    A very unique theme that is so beautifully captured that it leaves you thinking.  It easily qualifies as one of the best books to read during the lockdown.

    Highly recommended books to read during the lockdown, especially for those who love to have a different palette of genres for late-night reading!

    How many of you like to mix genres when creating a reading list? I have my books sorted genre-wise and keep a couple of books of mixed genres together on my nightstand for my monthly reading list. 

    This pandemic has truly altered our way of living, while our social gatherings have minimized, I believe we have gotten more time to explore ourselves. This article has talked about books to read during the lockdown. However, if you are looking for some more new books, check out a store for some classic variety.

    One of the best forms of growing and exploring new avenues is through reading books. Make sure to read a wide range of genres and authors, it truly is magical.

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