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4 Things I Learned From My Recent Readings, A Sneak peek!

If you are an avid reader like me, then you would be able to relate when I say, I often forget the important lessons that I get from books. However, this time around, I have saved all the things I learned from my recent readings. 

So I read this book a while back and there were a few important topics discussed. While reading, I thought I would never forget such important lessons, yet it was only a matter of a few weeks that I couldn’t recall it. 

My Recent Readings

I love getting free stuff and I am sure there is no one who doesn’t like to get their hands on a good deal. I got access to a coupon for free books and started reading a few of the new ebooks that I got. 

The books that i read were: 

  1. Thoughts Words and Actions 
  2. Words of Wisdom
  3. Visions of Prosetry

Each of these are unique in its own way and are full of lessons. 

Now, I want to store all the things I learned, thus, I have started keeping in a book journal for all my key learnings. I have developed a knack for journaling these days. It has helped me gather my thoughts in one place and is helping me be more creative. I love how something as simple as this can make such a huge difference in us.

Things I Learned From My Recent Readings

Before I jump into the details of my recent readings, if you want to download the books, you can get them for free until May 31st. Also, I would suggest you diversify your readings. Exploring new genres and authors always widens our thinking horizons.

Things I learned about Making mistakes

One of the important things I learned is that we all make mistakes. This is what makes us humans. It is how we take responsibility for our mistakes that sets us apart.

It is important to accept that people will make mistakes. Everything doesn’t necessarily have to go as planned. Either you or someone else will do something that will ruin your plan. 

Thus, it is vital to know that mistakes are meant to happen. We have to learn to forgive, forget and move on in life. Be it a mistake that we make or it is made by someone else, acceptance of it being a part of human nature is vital.

Things I Learned about Mind Control

“When  we  control  our  mind,  our  bodies  will  fall  in  line,  but when  we  allow  our  bodies  to  control  our  mind,  we  find ourselves  digging  a  trench  that  we  may  never  get  out  of, and  that’s  what  so  many  of  us  are  doing  right  at  this  very moment.” Words of Wisdom

I had to paste this lesson from the book itself because there is nothing that could sum this up any better. 

Of the many things I learned, I believe this lesson was very important. If a person doesn’t have control of their mind, they have truly lost the battle of life. It is important to know that if we don’t control our mind, someone else surely will.

Selflessness and Selfishness 

If we try and understand the core of the problems, it starts with us being selfish. Whenever we put ourselves in the frontline of things, our beliefs and thoughts get overshadowed by our interests.

“I  have  realized  that  we  put  ourselves  at  the  forefront  of everything  we  do  and  say, and  many  times  it  drives  us  cold and  insane.  I  am  determined  to  be  selfless  in  the  things  I do and say when dealing with those I encounter.”

The thing I learned here is that it is very important to create a balance. You wouldn’t want to be too naive, neither would you want to be too overshadowing. 

Nevertheless, it is important to keep a fair distance between your perceptions and reality when it comes to daily encounters.

Things I learned About Resolutions

“Search Your Heart (Mind, Will, and Emotions) Today. Be Honest. In retrospect, you will find that we always had a choice on which decision or path to take at “Our Personal Crossroads.” Slow things down this time. Turn around and look behind.” Visions of Prosetry

We all tend to make so many promises, especially on new years. However, by the time we reach the first quarter, those resolutions are long forgotten. 

Why is that so?

The answer is simple. We forget our resolutions when we make them considering our externalities. If we look deep within ourselves and search for what holds meaning in our lives only then can we bring about the desired change. This is by far the highlight of things I learned.

I Have a very mixed reading list, which is why my recent readings were a mixture of short narratives and poems. Each of these had a certain push. I love how there is so much to learn. Reading definitely opens up a whole new world for us. I truly can’t wait to explore more avenues.

Also, I will be writing a piece soon on how to review a book. Stay tuned for some amazing content. 


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