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Written by LSDW

If you’ve shared a similar situation-
What were your experience in the matter? and
How did it affect you?

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  1. The Thinker

    This poem speaks to every race and nationality.
    It is telling us what the majority of blacks, whites, and Mexicans go through. The problem is, that majority of Police are not properly trained. No one is asking any questions, it’s shoot now ask questions later, which is so crazy, and unintelligent.

  2. Knight

    I love this piece because it hits us to the soul of what is happening in our society today. This poem express the reality of wearing the shoes of past victims who have suffered under the hands of injustice and unjustified police brutality in the world.

    While each situation and circumstance is different than the other, one cannot deny that we have all been affected in some type of way whether personally, or through that of someone close to us who has experienced this type of behavior.

    We all have seen the news and read the newspapers (I hope with an unbiased and objective mind) but the fact remains that people are dieing based on errors made by the Uniforms we were taught as children, to keep us safe and protect us from danger.

    Discrimination comes in all different forms, shapes, and sizes, and occurs on both sides of the fence regardless of the color of our skin or gender makeup. And no color, gender, or race is inferior of the other.

    In my opinion all lives matter because in the beginning we were all created in the image of God. We all were created with a body, soul, and spirit which make us human “We all bleed the same color blood.โ€

    (Listen to the song by, Mandisa-“We all Bleed the Same”

    People (Humans) are killing each other in every race and culture, moreover People are killing their own race everyday. This is my reason for stating that “all lives should matter.”
    I have read other compositions by this Poetess and I must say, they are deep and piercing to the soul. Some are gut wrenching and thought-provoking, but in a positive way. They all have some form of message and moral to its story.

    We hope to see more from this Poetess in the future.

    We thank you Lena for sharing.

  3. Chyrel J. Jackson

    Well written piece but frankly speaking I feel a bit disconnected with it. I’m not certain why. Maybe it’s the enumeral deaths of Black citizenry. Maybe I am exhausted with knowing if I or any Black person encounters police we may not survive that encounter.

  4. Knight

    In response Chyrel, thank you for sharing. And I completely understand your view point. I can recall one incident where I was taking my ex fiance on a trip to the cabins in the Blue Ridge Mountains, with our two Cocker Spaniels. I got pulled over in the middle of the night and saw flashes in my rear-view. I accidently made an illegal right turn into traffic from a parking lot (in unknown territory) What I normally do is, turn on all lights in the interior of my SUV as a courtesy to the Officers walking up (having experience the same during my deployments overseas as a Force Protection/ Military Police) to a dark vehicle not knowing what to expect. This incident occured in the year 2009. Today I would still extend that same courtesy at nights, but in the day time, the lights won’t matter. So how do you make an Officer feel comfortable walking up to your vehicle when your back is turned? Things have changed since 2009 based on my personal experience since then. And as a human being, who has not-so-much fear after encountering many close calls with death on many occasions during my Military career, it is indeed a pulse racer.

  5. Felicia Ramirez

    Love this ๐Ÿ’•

    1. Knight

      Thanks Felicia. This will mean a lot to the Poetess. Please help us share this link to encourage more feedback. We hope you have a wonderful day!

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