This writing is from my book “Christian Inspirational Writings”….”I want to inspire my viewers and readers to never say never. Never say that you will never be successful in life. Your words do have power. When you speak negativity into the atmosphere, that is what you will always get negative results. Never say that you will never be successful, you will never have the life you dreamed of, you will never get the new car, new house, never say you will never get married and have a family. NEVER SAY NEVER. Saying never will cause you not to have the life you always dreamed about. Saying the word never can block your success, your blessings, and your destiny. Always stay positive and say that, with God, I can do all things. You can achieve all your goals and dreams in by staying positive, having faith in God, and working hard. Don’t allow people to speak the word, never into your life that you will never do this, or you will never achieve that. You let them know that you will never give up on your goals and dreams, and you will never give up on working to achieve the life you dreamed about. Don’t allow the word never to impact your life in a negative way. Always remember, never say never. Stay positive, stand strong in your faith in God, and work hard to achieve your goals and dreams to be successful in life and to be the best version of you that you can be. (Written By The Authoress Michelle Cain)

Authoress Michelle Cain

I am an inspirational author, business owner, live show host, podcaster and writer. I have a great passion for writing. My passion, my purpose and my mission is to inspire, encourage and uplift people of all ages everywhere and to make a great positive impact on the world. I just want to share my God-given gift with the world.

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  1. Knight

    Amen! Preach Sister! Love 💕

      1. Knight

        You are very welcome! I know now I’ve made an excellent decision purchasing your book and gifting to a loved one. I know your words and inspirations will be food and nourishment to the soul! Again thank you!

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