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From a Mother’s Womb Comes the Voice of a Child

God has given us many gifts and talents and our parents or guardians are there to bring them to full potential.
Without the help of our parents, our gifts or talents lie dormant.

A child already knows right from wrong, but there is no one there to give that child a full understanding, preventing them from spiraling down a path of destruction and demise.

We will quickly make excuses that a child does not understand what he or she is doing wrong. if this is true, then why would they hesitate to do a wrongful act.

Case in Chief.

You tell a child not to touch the hot oven, that if they do, they will get burned. Your pleas this child ignores. The moment they do and get burned, will he/she ever touch the hot oven again?

A child understands what pain is and will never put himself through that situation ever again. A child is very intelligent, so when society says otherwise, it is the society that is not telling the complete truth.

A child does not understand everything, so parents and teachers are needed to clarify and bring out the best in that child. Without this happening, the child will automatically go down the wrong path without fully understanding what he or she is doing.–Excerpt from the book “Words of Encouragement” by C. Robert/Author