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Love: Patience and Kind

“What is love, is it just a feeling, or does it come from the heart? Are there two definitions of love? Or, is it that lustful feeling that only lasts for a moment.

Love is not just a feeling; Love is taking the time to know who that person is, what they like, what makes them happy, what makes them sad. Even, what makes them mad.

Love is understanding when a person is not in the mood, or just doesn’t want to be bothered. Love could be a hug, or a kiss, giving a compliment. making someone laugh or cause a simple smile upon their faces.

If we knew what love is, we would truly care for that special person. We would’nt be unfaithful, or commit adultery with someone other than our husbands or wives.

I believe the issues are still the same. We still do not know what true love is. Until we do, we will always have the problems we have today, with those special people who truly love and adore us.

Love will never fail. Love is patience, Love is Kind.”–Exerpt from the book “Words of Encouragement” by C. Robert/Author