30 Day Devotional ... | Itm. 983



Greetings Visitors and Friends

My name is Diana C. Hill and today I present you with this book. If you need to be uplifted from struggles as an everyday woman (or man), this devotional is for you. My book shares a great message for all type of daily situations. As you read it, you will hear from God; you will gain wisdom and strength as you go through your trials and tribulation. This devotional will reflect on how to live a joyous life even through the midst of thundering storms. Yes, you may say that there are many books out there that say the same thing, but I assure you, this book is unique in its own structure. If you are not pleased after purchase, you will have 30 mins to submit for a refund after you receive my inspiring e-Book.
To pre-order print copies send email to @Diana Hill. You can also find my book at PayHip.com and on Amazon.com. If this book sounds like the book for you (trust me it is) and you would love to order an "e-Book" copy today, simply use any of the payment gateways below on this page or you can check-out by adding my book to the website shopping cart and follow the process.




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