Mirror Of Your Soul:

We the children of humanity have to be responsible and held accountable for all we do here on earth in our daily and long term lives. Unfortunately to this simple truth, so many are confused and blind. They go around committing dirty deeds and perpetuate actions that have a negative impact and affect on the positive advancement of our species. They want to take the road that brings about fame and riches very easily. They’re willing to sell yours and others soul. In this deadly game, you don’t collect $200 every time you pass go. If you decide to travel this road, then you must somehow pay the expensive toll. You could even try to disguise what you look like or what you don’t want exposed. What’s inside doesn’t change so sooner or later you’ll have to face the reflection back and look into the mirror of your soul.

©LaVan Robinson. Thank you 

GOD and blessings to you and yours

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