A Critique on Visions of Prosetry

The book; VISIONS OF PROSETRY was authored by Vee Nelly. It is a Literary edition filled with Cultures of Prose, Poetry, Short Stories and a suspense thriller filled with romance and Fantasy. Visions of Prosetry is indeed a very fascinating piece and mind bogglingly in nature. It is a collection of four different books; Poetic Knight, Thorns and Roses, Midnight Rendezvous and Urban Prose & Short Stories. 

Visions of Prosetry is a true embodiment of Literature with some elements of truth and fiction which helps a reader develop the Imagery or Vivid Imagination of the contents in the book. The book encompasses Themes of Romance, Suspense, Crime, Supernatural, Fantasy, etc. As an African and English Literature connoisseur, I deem it fit to commend the Brobdingnagian Author of this book for Coming up with such a fascinating content. It is indeed a wonderful work. It's words are well structured and his style of writing are no doubt Superfluous and one of a kind. 

His style of writing differs from other African and English writers, they're well paragraphed and well structured with some Morphological and Syntactical use of English Language. - Author Erudite



Date 2/10/2022

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TC Neville Senior

Date 2/12/2022 1:54:02 PM

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