Greetings my name is TC Neville Senior, most know me by Nelly. I am a self-motivated, creative author who writes to share my thoughts and experiences with the public. The true intention for creating this website was a means to inspire my children (Daughter, an Author/Artist/Singer since the age of 7), bring families and culture together, and a place where any new author or artist can come and share (without discrimination) their talent and craft.

Genres I am most interested in reading and writing include Horror, Crime, Suspense, Thrillers, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Eschatological, and Spiritual novels. I love a well-crafted book with twists and turns.

At home, I am the oldest of four siblings, an uncle to three, and the father of three. As the son of a retired Army Veteran and a mother who played the role of both parents, I had a difficult childhood. Although I’d been through more than most, I drew hope and optimism from my experiences and directed my feelings into writing to share with the world.

Outside of reading and writing, my hobbies include playing sports, cooking, creating new dishes, deep-sea fishing, sculpting, and volunteering. With a wide range of hobbies and experiences, I am able to produce varying and unique characters with different backgrounds and lives.

Some of my favorite authors include John Grisham, Anne Rice, Stephanie Meyer, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, James Patterson, and Mary Higgins Clark. Still, I would say that the most significant influence in my writing comes from music rather than reading. Artists such as Joe, Room 112, Brian Mcknight, Jon B., Avant, Keith Sweat, and other R&B musicians from the 80s and 90s were my greatest inspiration.

I have self-published two series: “Visions of Poetry” and “Visions of Truth.” The first series includes “Poetic Knight,” “Thorns and Roses,” “Midnight Rendezvous,” “Urban Prose & Short Stories,” and the newly released collector’s edition, “Visions of Prosetry.” The Second series includes “Death Unto Life” and the collector’s edition “A King’s Fall.”

I recently published the new book, a suspense thriller titled “Dark Haze – The Island,” which is now available. My plans are to release a novel based on my life story within the near future called “Unburnt-Surviving My Enemy’s Flame”.


Writing books are more challenging than I anticipated, but it is also more satisfying than I could have imagined. First, I acknowledge our mentors, enemies, critiques, haters, family, friends, experiences, and all the wonderful people I have learned from in so many ways during my career as a writer. I’d also like to thank the many people who have helped me learn and practice my skills throughout my journey in this profession.

I want to acknowledge all people who have motivated and inspired me to start these books. Many people have questioned my ideas about who I am and what I want, which has aided me in continuing to write books, and lastly, Almighty God who has given me strength and patience to finish it.

These books are dedicated to my family & friends, who are great supporters of everything I do. I am thankful for the nights that turned into mornings, friends turned into family, and dreams turned into reality. Thank you to our web developers, blog content writers, and book editors.

Our Honorable Mentions: Alexis, Javeriah, Victoria, Ali, Jannatulnisa, Wajihafatima, and last but not least Md Arifur Rahman (Rasel). Rasel has been so very patient with me when it comes to the many changes and formatting I’ve made in my books. Thank you for hanging in there buddy!

Readers, thank you for respecting the hard work of the authors and editors, and the investment to produce these works. Since these are my first books, they will be periodically enhanced and enriched in terms of quality, presentation, citation, and more over time. Please also note that any additional errors or typos found in our books are not the fault of my editors, but the fault of my own.

The following photo prompts were borrowed from ‘Pinterest’ and used in a group on Facebook I were a part of. I’ve added my own titles and stories to them, the inspiration behind the book, ‘Urban Prose & Short Stories.’ A special thanks to the Artists behind the photos on ‘Pinterest’. They were inspiring. And a special thanks to Katrina Black Butterfli!

Photo Prompts that Inspired “Urban Prose & Short Stories”


Disclaimer: The image of the “eye” on any of our book covers do not suggest we are a part of any “occultism” that represents such. Our eyes are considered witnesses of all things we experience in our lives. They are the windows to one’s soul and true nature. This book was composed based on all things the author either witnessed or experienced.




Here are several pieces of the compositions created in this book between 2016 through 2019. Each piece is unique and beautifully complements the other. I have provided some background on how these pieces came to be. Please take them into consideration.


This poem was one of the first poems I had created in many years. A stranger approached me and asked me to help him write a poem for his future fiancé. He was looking to propose to her and wanted to write her a poem. I was startled as to how he knew that I wrote poetry. He couldn’t have known, and he didn’t know. Nevertheless, he completely trusted me, and I asked him to describe her and their relationship briefly. From there, I rose to the challenge. Within a couple of minutes, I drafted a beautiful piece describing their love and relationship.


This poem is dedicated to women who feel unattractive due to the unfair societal standards set for them. I want to point out that women do not need to be thin, curvy, and tall like a supermodel to be beautiful. There are still gentlemen out there who see with spiritual eyes (most are God-fearing Men) where they behold beauty from women based on treasures within. Like women, some of the best books ever composed or read may have had the ugliest, torn, or most boring covers. The same goes for movies or songs. Their titles can be simple and misleading, but when you get past that outer shell and listen to the words or message, they remind us each time that we are never to judge a book by its cover.

So Ladies, remember if you feel on the outside that you are unattractive because you are not like the other women. Please erase those stigmas from your mind. “I See You,” and all the real men out there see you as well. Keep being yourself and be confident in who you are. This is a turn-on for many men; “Confidence in whom and what you have to offer within your soul.”

Remember also, God the Master Author and Finisher of all things created you in His Own Image. And whatever cover God placed on you is unique and purposeful to what He has written about you in His Book called your Soul. You are indeed beautiful.
I believe that an Author should be confident in his work and what they offer in a book. They do not have to spend more time on the cover to make it flashy and appealing to capture his audience to read his book. Most times, the cover can be so striking but what the book offers is disappointing.


Whether physically, verbally, emotionally, spiritually. Abuse is abuse. This poem is a message to anyone in an abusive relationship who wants to get out of it but contemplates staying and trying to work things out for specific reasons. Maybe you are simply scared to leave. I was in an abusive relationship and made many excuses for staying. (yes, men get abused too.) I kept giving this person chances upon chances to change because of love, but I ultimately ended up hurt. Lies, deception, and manipulation are common themes in abusive relationships that lead to mental health issues. Don’t wait until the relationship is toxic. If someone abuses you even once, chances are, they will do it again and again and again.

While I believe people can change, they have to want to change for themselves. There is no point in running the risk of sticking around while they claim to change for you. If they do not want to change on their own, news flash, they won’t. You need to leave the relationship immediately. If they are the person you are meant to be with, they will work on themselves to be better for themselves and you. “One never misses the water until the well runs dry.”

Bottom line
Don’t make excuses for anyone, especially an abuser, if someone puts their hands on you. This should be the wind, flag, and sail to your ship, to sail far, far away from that person. We should respect ourselves enough to design strict rules and “No-no’s” that we must adhere to without delay. It will save us many years of misery.

Have you ever given other abuse victims advice to get out of those relationships and never take your advice? I know I have. Don’t wait until it is too late. It may cost you your life. Oh, and remember, an “EX” means exactly what it signifies, a “Strikeout”.


This poem is one of my favorites because it was an experiment gone right! There is an unexpected twist towards the end, so make sure to keep a close eye out. If you enjoyed reading this poem, check out the sequel: “Visions Of the Knight: MidKnight Rendezvous.”


This poem was created for a woman who was going into surgery. She was a bit scared and nervous about the procedure. Although I only knew her for a short time, I understood the importance of comforting her, and I wrote this piece to encourage her through her time of need. She kept it beside her hospital bed the whole time and reread it for encouragement.

I’ve also rewritten it as a “Get Well Card” for a man who got into a life-threatening car accident. His co-workers and friends signed the card, and with their encouragement, the man completely recovered.

I believe these poems are indeed unique. They all have facts and truth to them, and hopefully, you will be able to enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. They are all, in a sense, my motivation to be an encouragement and inspiration to others.


This book is dedicated to the ups and downs of relationships. The inspiration for the book title was based on the fact that most people forget that roses (one of the most popular flowers today) naturally come with thorns on their stems. When holding onto a rose, stemming through hurt and pain, we can still find the sweet-smelling aroma of love that symbolizes the rosebuds and petals in its natural element. So a rose traditionally symbolizes love, right? There will always be love and heartaches (thorns and rose petals). Moreover, when you buy roses, they don’t tend to last very long, especially when they are clipped and shaved, separated from their root, soil, and nourishment.

These were old poem compositions I wrote between the years 2001-2004. They were like my secret diary of events hidden in the poems I experienced. So, enjoy the book, and hopefully, you will relate to and find comfort in the many ups and downs in relationships. However bad relationships are, it is only for a time. Things do get better, and each time we must learn and grow from our past relationships. Before jumping into a new relationship, we must also remember that we must take time to heal and reflect on what went wrong and not point the finger only at the other person. The problem might just be you. Ever wonder why our relationships always fail and don’t last very long? Like every flower or plant, there needs to be soil, water, sun, and nourishment to survive. Love can be an analogy as needing these elements to grow and survive. Don’t you agree?


MidKnight Rendezvous is a sequel to the Story Prose “Knock, Knock” found in the first book of the Poetic Knight series. This book is a thrilling romance and fantasy with a tasteful hint of erotica. In other words, this book awakens the reader’s imaginations specific to oneself in how far you want to cross the line of ecstasy.

With the two main characters being from completely different realms, the level of excitement is unparalleled. While one Being is from an earthly realm, the other is from the spiritual realm where time exists. One soul was desperately trapped in an abusive relationship that was heading down a path of immense danger until the other came along. Neither Being was prepared for what came next. Neither Being knew that lurking within the cage of their very existence was a creature that lay dormant for a very long time. That is, until now. Two beings from different worlds find each other by fate. Read on to find out the profound impact of the meeting between these two Beings.


(See above)


This Novel is the perfect suspense thriller; the perfect cocktail that will leave you drunk with twists and turns. Just when you think you have figured it out, the plot leaves you gripped with shock, awe, and fear, but still craving more.

If you love the black lead character played by Tyler Perry, the movie, “Alex Cross,” and the book series “I Am Alex Cross,” and other novels and movies by Stephenie Meyer, Mary Higgins-Clark, Anne Rice, Dean Koontz, James Patterson, Stephen King, and all other mystery, suspense, thrillers under this genre of Authors, then you will love this unique action-adventure book.

The inspiration behind this book’s plot came from a dream I had the morning of January 18, 2020. I think what influenced this dream was the study of “Eschatology,” my love for the book series “Left Behind,” and anything (movie or books) that had to do with angels, demons, prophecy, and the end of days.

All this is ironic because I feared reading the Book of Revelation, which illustrated things that will come to past in the latter times (as you can see with your own eyes, the end is quickly approaching upon the horizon today). As I come to know God and study His word more closely, Revelation has become one of my favorite books in the Bible. I guess I’m just an aficionado for anything relevant to the spirit, the afterlife, visions, and prophetic dreams.

Growing up, my life was engrossed in it, where I have personally experienced what some may call “Paranormal Phenomenons,” whether good or evil. The spiritual realm is, in fact, authentic (see my book “Death unto Life” in the Collector’s Edition, “A King’s Fall”), and I believe angels and demons are as well, and there is a battle being waged behind the scenes daily. I heard one character from the movie ‘Constantine’ starring Keanu Reeves, say they did not believe in the devil. Well, if you do not believe in the devil and the spiritual realm, the devil believes in you. And this spiritual realm is his battlefield and the only place you can beat him. (Ephesians 6: 12. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”)

Although fiction, this unique book inspires, and encompasses true events, experiences, and more from my life growing up. For updates and sneak peeks stay tuned to our website. I hope you enjoy this book, my first Mystery, Suspense, Thriller.


This short story “Death Unto Life” was based on several random dream premonitions of mine that occurred out of the blue. They were both relevant to my great grandparents who lived overseas in the Caribbean. The last time I visited them were in the year 2009. Without giving away the story, I believe this dream was a message directed to those who still question today if there is an afterlife when we all die. Death is a sensitive subject that no one likes to think or even talk about. Everyone wants to live forever. But the truth of the matter is we all born, live, and we are eventually going to die. This is inevitable.

Have you ever lost someone close to you? A mother, father, sister, brother, a loved one? I believe this book not only sheds light on what happens to us after we die, but it gives inspiration and joy to the broken hearted. I pray this book brings knowledge and understanding, as well joy. Amen. (This story was included in the book “A King’s Fall”.)


Is pride still a major leading factor in the destruction of humankind as it was 2000 years ago? The inspiration for this book cover (man walking on thin air, head in the clouds) can be self-explained. “A King’s Fall” is based on actual events of my personal life, where I had everything money could buy, the perfect job, home, and a luxury vehicle. I ended up losing it all in the end.

I often wonder if pride alone played a significant role in all this. When we ponder this, we can find pride at the top of every failure or destruction. My intention is not to put down celebrities, other Religions, or beliefs, but to show the public that I was living the life of a celebrity. My audience was social media. I was addicted to Facebook and found myself constantly updating my information to this social media giant every single second of the day. I was uploading nearly every detail of my life to Facebook. Except for when I was on the toilet, my so-called throne. In the end, social media and envious people destroyedmy life. Surprisingly, I do not blame social media. It was only the medium to project and amplify thoughts.

While writing an essay about King Saul’s life for a Bachelor’s assignment at JBTSEM.COM and reflecting upon it, I felt convicted in my heart to share this with the world. I had so many other chapters to choose from in the Book of Samuel, but this specific chapter about “Pride” convicted my heart. I too, was a “Saul,” and today, I am still struggling with pride, independence, and doing things myself. I pray that this book convicts your hearts today as it did mine. I believe that the words in this book were divinely inspired to be shared. It is written how it is written. God’s message never returns void, for it always fulfills what it is meant to accomplish. Amen.


Raised in the Caribbean of diverse people, and religion, going through school I was engrossed literally within the definition: “Culture”. My career as a US Marine, my associated brothers and sisters (who had my back and to whom I was charged in protecting and defending) were from all nationalities, race, and color from across the globe (China, Mexico, Philippines, Nigeria, Africa, Germany, Japan…)

We should all take a chapter out of the Military’s handbook of belief: “We are all considered brothers and sisters (family) and our skin color is the same as the uniform we wore on our bodies.”

Traveling overseas I was also introduced to, as well required to learn the languages and cultures of others in order to complete my mission. I had the rare opportunity to work with military forces from: Turkey, Iraq, Britain, Asia, Kuwait, South Korea, and many more. I realized that no matter the uniform, color, or background, we all shared the same qualities as humans: “Love and Family”–to protect that which matters most to ourselves.

So when I decided to publish my books, I wanted to reach a universal and diverse audience, not only my race but others as well. I wanted to do something different. Even if the gesture seems tiny, hoping that it’s a lesson trait that others would embrace in the future. After all, we all wear the same natural makeup, and bleed the same color. Maybe I was born color-blind (LOL). Isn’t the ‘United’ States filled with all different culture and race? Isn’t the (U)nited (S)tates (“US/us”) a place that welcomes into its nation all type ethnicity and diversity?

It is my opinion that there is no justification for someone who is of “Christian Faith” to write things that goes against the very nature of its teachings or causes another person to lust in his heart or sin. I rededicated my life back to Christ on December 31st 2009. Obtained my Bachelor Degree in Theology in September 2020. One of my books, “MidKnight Rendezvous” is considered to be ‘sexually suggestive’ based upon editorial reviews. It is, but it’s mild and meant for “Adult Husbands and Wives”. If I had to rate the content of this book from 1-5, I would rate it a “2” (borderline mild erotica). I think the editorial reviewers rated it the same level.

The book ‘Midknight Rendezvous’ (Book III) was written originally some time around my military deployments overseas in 2002-2004. I was a married man with children. If I can recall correctly, I think I wrote this piece originally for my wife as well other poems in the book, “Thorns & Roses” (Book II) that was also written around this timeline.

In my recent book “Poetic Knight” (Book I)-poem “Knock, Knock” I decided to combine the two stories, connecting them as ‘prequels and sequels’. I have not since wrote a book like “Midknight Rendezvous” under this publisher name. I’m not sure of my intentions at this time should I decide to conclude the series of “Midknight Rendezvous”.

Under my pen name ‘TC Neville Senior,’ I have written more recent, what I consider “spiritual” books: “Death Unto Life” (Book I) and “A King’s Fall” (Book II) which were all based on true events of my life. “Dark Haze-The Island” is also a spiritual book that is based upon eschatological times, fiction, inspirations of true events of my life and career.


Over 20 years of IT communications installations. Skilled in numerous forms of IT cabling installations, troubleshooting and maintenance. Over 20 years in the restaurant industry. Meticulous worker; attentive to quality and detail. Quick learner; eager to further knowledge and skills. Able to work well independently and as a team lead; excellent supervisory skills.


Self-motivated, Flexible, Open-minded, Problem-solver, Reliable / Dependable, Creative / Imaginative, Trustworthy, Eager to Succeed, Humble, Patience, Understanding, Resilient/Persistent, Integrity, Courage, Commitment…


KVI Network Creations (SINCE 2021)

Founder, Freelancer, Volunteer, Mentor

Sprint, Nextel, USA (SINCE 2006)

ASA – (Remote) Network Control Technician, Telecommunications Expert, Shift Manager, Troubleshoot cellular networks, call towers, Provided support to field technicians such as Verizon, T-mobile, AT&T, and other major local and independent telecommunication carriers across the US, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

US Marine Corps, USA (SINCE 1999)

NCO – IT Network Control Technician, Communications, electronics and wiring installation supervisor with a successful field wiring unit. providing professional service and quality work for our customers. Plan daily schedules, routes and delegation of duties to maximize effciency of crews. Operate and trained crews on equipment and machinery specialized for the job. Force Protection / Military Police. Instructor.

Restaurant Management (SINCE 1996)

Supervisor. All-star cook managing kitchen and inventory for private administrative staff kitchen. Grill master; operate efficiently in rush waves of customers. Fry master; able to balance attention to grill and fry stations. Provide friendly customer service. Maintain accurate inventory and minimize shrinkage and waste. (Also experienced management of public fastfood restaurants in US)


Since April 2021-(In progress)
UGA| University of Georgia|Athens, GA
(In association with Young Harris College)

Certified/Residential Electrical Wiring
GTC/Wiregrass Technical College| Albany, GA

2017 – 2020
JBTS/Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary | Jacksonville, FL
(4.0 GPA, Graduate with honors)

Certified/ USMC
IT, Cabling Installations, Telecommunications, Troubleshooting, and Maintenance
USMC / Communication Battalion| 29 Palms, CA / Camp Pendleton, CA

Associates D/ General Studies/Business
AIU / American Intercontinental University| Online/CA



Combat Action Ribbon, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal x3, Iraq Campaign Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon x2, National Defence Service Medal, Presidential Unit Citation, Certificate of Commendation (Individual Award), Corporals Leadership (2005), SGT Non-Resident Program (2005), Marine Combat Training (2002), (USMC Martial Arts) Green Belt (2009), Gray Belt (2003), Tan Belt (2002), Field Wireman/2002 (0600/0612 Certification). Combat History Operations: Enduring Freedom (2003), Iraqi Freedom (2003). Tours and Duties not limited to: Paris Island, Camp Lejeune, Camp Geiger, 29 Palms, Camp Pendleton, Kuwait, Baghdad… Force Protection/Military Police in support of overseas deployment operations. Fire & Rescue/Body Retrieval.


Donated towards the efforts of September 11th/911 attack upon the US and Civilians, Paralegal Assistant (Criminal/State/Federal): Research case-law, type and format motions, file necessary paperwork to courts in support, Volunteer & Advocate for Criminal Justice Reform, The Wrongly Accused & Incarcerated, Beekeeper (Currently pursuing certification), Mentor, Offer Cash Prizes, Promote & Create Spotlight Profiles for new writers & authors (Volunteer), Ghostwrite, Typed, Formatted, Edited, and Published new Author’s manuscripts. (Volunteer), Open a domain where all artists, writers, poets from all culture and diversity over the world can feel welcome and share their talent without discrimination of race, color, background, Manuscripts/Book Reviews & Proofread.


“…Having conducted yourself in a creditable manner, you are, by direction of the Commandant of the Marine Corps, awarded a Good Conduct Medal [First, Sencond, Third…Award] for the period of 26 November 2001 to … Your conduct during this period denotes honest and faithful service in keeping with the highest traditions of the Marine Corps. … Lieutenant Colonel, USMC/Commanding.”

“This is to certify that the Secretary of the Navy has awarded the N.A.M. to Corporal [Senior] for professional achievement while serving as a fire team leader, Force Protection Platoon, … I Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Fallujah, Iraq, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom II. from 4 March to 1 August 2004. During this period, Corporal [Senior] displayed outstanding combat leadership and initiative by ensuring that the Battalion’s defense posture was strong. He supervised the installation of eight machine gun mounts with improvised gunner harness systems and the hardening of over twenty tactical vehicles that were essential in the Battalion’s numerous convoy assignments. Corporal [Senior] provided security for over forty convoys in support of the First Marine Expeditionary Force, moving millions of dollars of command and control assets and Marines through a highly demanding and volatile environment. He displayed exceptional poise and courage when his convoy was attacked. Advancing boldly into the kill zone to engage the enemy and defend the rest of the convoy. Corporal [Senior’s] initiative, perseverance, and total dedication to duty reflected great credit upon himself and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service. Given this 15th day of April 2005, Secretary of the Navy, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps, … Commanding Officer.”

Verified Buyer Review

“To First Know Your Seller, You Must First Know Whom He/She is as a Buyer”

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