Author Spotlight | LaVan Robinson
LaVan Robinson is a poet and writer from Philadelphia but now resides in Lancaster Pa. He is a veteran of the military of 13 years . He has a son name Audy. An Author of a poetry book, he's been writing for over 40 years. He plan to use his poetry to uplift humanity's self awareness. 

His motivation for writing began in his Biology class in high school. Author Robinson's preferred genre is poetry. The Author is currently working on his second and third poetry book manuscripts. 

The Authors that inspired him to write were: Langston Hughes and Sonja Sanchez. Future works in process for Author Robinson will be working on a movie manuscript and short stories as well as plays. Author Robinson would like his viewer to know that he believes poets and poetry can be used as a mirror to self-awareness. He also can send you an ebook/pdf copy of his book for donation, contact: [email protected] for additional details.

 (Edited, Transcribed, and posters by Véé Nelly)

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