As the children of humanity and their world falls through the many dimensions and degrees of disillusionment, selfishness and negativity through the expression of their dark side of their unstable nature. Many continue even with eyes wide open fall to devices of baseless meaning and subliminal nomenclature. The human spirit along with Mother Nature is out of sync as more and more into the forbidden zone each one is steadily struggling for validity as they sink and greeted by a nod, smirk or a devious wink. It’s not like we don’t know the big difference between right or wrong. We do but we chose to just be apart of the status quo and go with it right along. What’s happening now in/on what supposed to be our earthly paradise didn’t just manifest overnight but took generations and generations to perpetuate out of ideological beliefs and an eye considered totally blind. The great thing is that we the children of humanity are daily given another chance when the sun rises and sets to change this path we like a runaway train are carelessly riding on in its greed and overindulgence for vanity is about to seriously burn and crash. Despite the division among races, colors and creeds, we’re in this hallucinating trip together as one humanity. We talk about what’s wrong but when it’s time to fix, the notion of positivity and action is somehow mysteriously nixed. Every issue we face can be dealt with positive optimism and energy if put into reality’s hard felt perspective. Instead of hate we must learn of love to fully give. No matter how hard we try to deny, whether we as children of both the conscious and unconscious manifestation of nature. Striving for love, peace and unity is the necessary and vital solutions for our survival and the only possible alternatives. 
–LaVan Robinson. Thank you God and blessings to you and yours

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