Always In My Thoughts

This poem is dedicated to all the long-distance lovers and friends. No matter how far apart your loved one is, it's the connection of the feeling that binds you where no distance can separate. Although Love can be a complicated feeling in itself. It is the most magical and powerful energy that takes your soul to places you never thought possible. If your lover is currently overseas, or long-distanced, if you have not seen or heard from them in a while. Pick up the phone and call them, send them a love note.


What have you been doing today?

So many issues to deal with on your plate, have to endure when away.

He wishes to be there with you every step of the way.

Do you even make time just for you, time to breathe? He prays to be there soon,  to lend a helping hand, help ease your burdens and pains.

He hopes that when you finally get a break, in between, you think of Him. Every time you do, be assured he's thinking of you. Willing his strength into your veins, helping you get through it.

Hoping that when you picture him standing in your presence, you will find Joy and comfort just knowing all the genuine love he has for ... How he's just missing and needing you in his arms.

If you ever lay in bed at night, and it’s hard to fall asleep, again, just think of him as he's thinking of you. Yes, he'll be there laying right next to you. Holding you as you lay on His chest. Massaging fingers through your hair, a stimulant that fades the lines of concern and worry above your brow, his Excedrin for your migraines.

Yes, he comforts you, as your face becomes slack, as you fade into butterfly dreams, chasing whispers after you:

"Never alone, I'm still here, Baby."

Your thoughts: (emotions and feelings), he believes, are synced to his brain. Whenever you'd stress, like nerves, he’ll feel all your pain. He hopes the same connection is true, where he can, in turn, reciprocate over the airwaves, transmitting text to voicemail messages to your ears, gently stimulating all your nerve endings.


"Baby, the time will soon be upon us, when we both won't have to be alone and separated anymore. When that time comes, and we are both able to place our hand in hand, look each other in the eyes, then kiss and embrace, We'd breathe those magical words into each other's ears."

Renewal of strength and motivational shock treatment to the special places we hold dear. Reciting these words:

"From now, until the end of time, no matter how near or how far, no matter the circumstances or scenes, Baby, you'll be connected to me:

"Always in My Thoughts."

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