Assumptions | Gossip


  1. Has someone ruined your life or tainted your name by spreading false rumors?
  2. Was it a family member, a friend?
  3. Was the person's life ruined caused by you?
  4. Are these gossips spread by people who claimed to be Religious?
  5. How did you recover, and how long did it take?
If you have pondered these questions then you realize now that no matter who we are, we all fall victim to assumptions and gossip, no matter if we are the 'Giver' or 'Receiver'. I wrote this piece based on true events of my own life. I hope this brings light within us on things we need to be aware of and change. Leave your comments in the section below if you can relate.

Assumptions & Gossip

Most wars and heated confrontations across the world are founded upon 'Assumptions and Prejudgements'. These two 'destructive words' always get us into trouble. Never assume! If you are not sure of the motives and intents of 'man', reasons behind his/her action, non-action; neither the 'cause and effect' of their current situational circumstances... just ask! Don't presume to know by looking at half the picture. There are two sides to every thing under the sun and moon, even a story. It is productive to hear the facts straight from "the horse's mouth" rather than to presume, entertain, or be the disperser of gossip and talebearing. It's amazing how much one can learn by listening and activating a little communication–TC Neville Senior/Author

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