Author Spotlight | Excellus O. Hyland

Our Author/Poet Spotlight of the Week is Excellus Hyland

Today's Author Spotlight shines upon: Author Excellus O. Hyland. Presented by "Urban Short Stories and Poetry" Founder: Katrina Black Butterfly.

Writing for 15 years but consistent for 13 years; motivated by a book by Nathan McCall titled "Make Me Wanna Holler" and a book titled "Witches" by an unknown author, ("I thought it was Ann Rice, but it wasn't. I think the combination produced this book and others. The first was a biography of a guy that went to somethings in life and prevailed, and the other was about these twin witches that you couldn't help thinking the author was referring to the Queen of England and the Queen of Scotland. That was badass to me.") 

The Author's preferred genre is horror. Hyland's currently working on a book titled: "Hookers," a horror novel. The Author that inspired O. Hyland to want to write was, as he told us: "The same inspired me to want to write, but it was a book published by Terri Woods "Dutch" that I knew I could be a writer." O. Hyland's future book is a title called "Illuminati, the enlightenment." 

He would love for his readers to know: "... stay tuned and know that I intend to continuingly bring the flame. You can show support by sharing my stories to another, and best to believe it's reciprocation in my work. Stay reading and make your world a living art through reading and expressing your hearts. Thank you #TOBECONTINUED... @The Badass Witch November 5th @ Amazon and pre-orders October 16."

(Edited, Transcribed, and Posters by Véé Nelly)

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