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Presented by Facebook Group: "Urban Short Stories and Poetry," Katrina Black Butterfli
(Host, Editor, Transcribed by KVI NETWORK CREATIONS)

Today's Spotlight Shines upon Author Lucky Lou.

...33, from Chicago, a living testimony. This Author was involved in a bad accident, leaving him barely able to walk and speak. But his disability, some might call it, never hindered his dream or message. He overcame, picked up pen and paper and started writing, sha#ring his story in hopes of telling the younger generation to take heed, learn from your elders. "Stop and think before making drastic decisions that may result in unfavourable consequences."

Lucky Lou has been writing for 1 year, and his motivation? "Well after writing my life story, I wanted to continue writing and sharing my messages to the people, the audience I cared about." Lou tells us that his prefer style genre when it comes to his craft is "Urban Novella."

The Author that he admired, and inspired him mostly was, "Sister Souljah"

Fans and readers, if you are interested in this Author's story, and his work, you can find his books on several platforms such as Amazon, Barnes and Nobles...

You can also connect with him via facebook: "Youknowmynamebutnotmystory"

Before ending our interview with Lou, his last message to his audience was:

"Life is not a game, it's like chess, take your time in everything you do."

Well said Lou, and we hope that many will take heed to this advice.

You can find the Author today currently working on his new book titled: "Ulterior Motive," which is based on, "Love, Betrayal, and Deceit."

(Edited and transcribed, and posters by Véé Nelly)

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