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CEO & Founder Vee Nelly

Vee Nelly JUL 28, 2022 Post Comments

My name is TC Neville Senior, I am the Founder of KnightVision.Ink , EST. 2021. Most know me by 'Nelly,' (you can call me Nelly) and I reside in RI, 02863 USA.

I Have a Sense of Humor

I came to the realization that I am not photogenic when it comes to pictures, so this might be the reason you won't see me smiling in most (one mistook an author-bio. photo of mine as an obituary one, asking if the author (me) in the photo had already past away... like, Really?!)

Ironically however, those who know me personally will attest that I am a comedian by nature, love to laugh, and contagious with it. I am a 'master prankster,' who love to watch shows that involves good ol' humorous pranks. My top 5 comedians are: Martin Lawrence, Bernie Mack, Kevin Hart, Eddie Murphy, Jim Carey, among others... I am a Marvel Comics fan first, DC second. Favorite two superheros as a child were "Spiderman," and "Superman". My favorite game console is "PlayStation," and my number one movie are all "The Matrix" series (this movie can be viewed both from a spiritual perspective and a natural one as it relates to heaven and earth. Stay tuned for my written article on this movie).

I Am Humble, Inspirational and Creative

I am a humble, self-motivated, creative author who writes to share my thoughts and experiences with the public. My niche (at a very young age) involved creating 'water and oil' canvas paintings. I came from a long lineage of writers, teachers, and creators alike.

My true intention for creating this website was a means to inspire my children, (also artists and writers) bring families and culture together, and a place where any new author or artist can come and share (without discrimination) their inspiration, talent, craft, and stories.

Some describe me as a little unorthodox. I am inspired by music and anything involving love.

My Published Works

A King's Fall - TC Neville Senior
Dark Haze - The Island - TC Neville Senior
Visions of Prosetry - Vee Nelly

I Am Ever Learning and Adapting

I am no professional blogger, nor do I spend much time on social media platforms any more (read my book A King's Fall to understand why). I created this platform for like-minded souls who share both my passion and love for all lives through the form of inspiration, volunteering, friendship, and most of all 'genuine love' for all things in the diversity of Genre, Culture, and Creativity. Ever saw that movie "Pay-It-Forward?" This is my true mission. One thing to note however, I have just started learning coding HTML and CSS... You will find that on occasions there will be upgraded changes to the platform moving forward. They say if you want something done properly, then do it yourself (I say this based upon a bad experience I had in 2021 that involved a so-called web-developer). So, I decided to learn the trade and I am building this virtual platform from the ground up, brick-by-brick, so please bear with me through any short comings.

I Am All About Increasing Knowledge and Skill

I've accumulated many certifications and degrees in various colleges, trades, and crafts. My most recent accomplishments are not limited to: certification as an assistant Residential Electrician, and a Bachelor Degree in Theology (shout out to my Aunt MTK for her generous contributions). I am currently studying to become a certified Beekeeper (those bees I've grown to love and appreciate).

I Am A Ret. Combat Veteran, Hon. Service

As a US Citizen by birth, the journey of my career path began as a shy Honor-roll pupil raised in the British Caribbean Isles (since 5 years old, diverse culture and religion) to migrating 'back' to the US (at 15 years old); R.O.T.C. Air Force; managing several restaurants at age 18; Only family to join the US Marine Corps to Supervising a team of Network Control (IT) cell-tower remote technicians.

Looking back, it seemed, I've always had a knack for leadership.

I disliked stagnancy when there is always an opportunity to grow and advance, both in knowledge and skill."

I get bored very easily doing the same thing over and over again.

I Am Not Invincible But Resilient

I've been through my share of roller-coaster rides in this world called "Life" (victim of abuse, racism, discrimination, military deployments. The War since 911; failed relationships, failed marriage, custody issues, etc...), which makes me authentically human. But, despite these things, (where most would call pure bad luck) making it through all of them clothed in my right mind and spirit at the end... still with the ability to forgive and love... I believe these events in my life only made me much stronger.

I was tried by fire and the end results showed me exactly what kind of soul and spirit I am today. Each day there is always something to learn about oneself and his/her strengths.

I Am Hopeful

I am a man of "faith" and I don't just say this lightly.

Today, I am living proof of my faith because I am still walking in it. People can claim to have all the faith they want to, but as soon as their faith is challenged by storms and hurricanes, they quickly fall away "faith without works is dead, just as the body without the spirit is dead."

I Am a Defender and Helper

I am also an advocate for the victims of abuse, the falsely accused and incarcerated. I have done my best to give back to the community in many ways, most of which goes unnoticed behind the scenes. My favorite line when people thank me is:

"Thank God instead, just doing what He tells me to do selflessly from the heart."

I Am Diverse

Bottom line
I was born colorblind, with helping hands. I "Choose" to do this not for man,

for man will fail you, use you, and deceive you) but for my heavenly Father who teaches us to love unconditionally and share unconditionally.

I have been told before, I am not like the average black man (whatever that means...).

"For what we do secretly, (that is pleasing to God) He will reward us openly, but still, our reward awaits us in the heavenly place, not this carnal Earth, so why do we continuously look for it here?"

I Am a Romantic

Last, but not least of all, I am a romantic at heart. My musical inspirations came from the early 80's and 90's era of RnB and Soul. Keith Sweat, Brian McKnight, Room 112, Avant, Carl Thomas, Case, Boys II Men, Dru Hill, Baby Face, Jon B, Kem, and more... helped shaped who I am today and the love I have inside for others. Ironically, people have told me in the past that I sometimes favored the musical artist known as, Joe (one of my top five).

How to Speak With Me

If you have any questions for me my door is always open. Visitor and member feedbacks are always welcomed. Let us know what we can do differently, or add to our services and products. Together with your help, we can build something worth calling, "A Virtual Home". One thing to note about myself is that I embrace positivism and optimism. I embrace all culture and peoples. These are the souls we welcome to our virtual home at KnightVision.Ink