Authoress Spotlight | Lasheka Lee

Authoress L. Lee has been writing for over 20 years, but just never published anything until her mom passed away. 

What first motivated her to write was the fact that before her mom passed, she said that Lasheka should start publishing her work because it is really good. So, as a way of coping with her mom's passing, Author Lee wrote a book of poems & published them. 

What motivates her now is helping others through her writing. Authoress Lee's prefer genre is poetry. Authoress Lee is currently working on her second book of poems that depicts different experiences in people's lives in various areas that we all are familiar with. Lasheka was inspired by Maya Angelou to write poetry. 

The Author's future works in process consist of more poetry books that help people heal and enjoy. What she would like readers to know is that she is down to earth, she cares about her readers, and that shows through her poetry. You can find this Author's books online at: Amazon, Author House, Books A Million, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, Kobo, ebay, Kindle, Booktopia, Apple Books etc. 

In addition to writing, she  also does tribute videos for different occassions, and also help people with coming up with creative things to do for their significant other etc...."this is something I just started so I don't have a site yet for it." 

(Edited, Transcribed, and Posters by Véé Nelly)

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