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Hi Guys this is Javeriah, a zealous reader! My friends call me a book worm and my thick glasses support the claim that I am passionate about words! Not only do I like to read others’ works, but I also have a flair for creating something of my own too.

Here is why I am perfect for you!

  • I am passionate and this is why I never get burnt out.
  • I believe in the value of time and always meet my deadlines.
  • I offer revisions!
  • I am easy to communicate with and love connecting with people.


These are some standard packages. However, if you need something tailored as per your requirements

The following can be changed as and when needed.

  • Beta Reading
  • I will be reading your book and giving my feedback as a reader.

    $35-$65 for entire manuscript.

  • Proofreading
  • I will be proofreading your book and highlighting issues along the way

    $45-$85 for entire manuscript.

  • Editing
  • I will be editing your book so that you have an error-free version with you.

    $50-$100. for entire manuscript.

    *The standard package are for 10,000 words per manuscript. Prices may vary depending on specific need. On opting for more than ONE service, get a free book blurb written.


  • Book Review
  • I will be reading your book and giving my review as a reader.

    $50. for a 10,000 word book.

  • Blog Writing
  • I will be writing a generic SEO optimized blog that is opinion and researched based as per the topic or theme you shared.

    $10. for 500 words.

  • Web Content
  • I will be creating full web content for your pages.

    $20. per one page.


    Schedule Appointments. If I am unavailable, our founder Vee can also help you with all the services since we normally handle your projects together. I look forward to working on your next project soon.

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    Here are common questions and answers that will help you choose the best options. Please check our FAQs to learn more.

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    My name is Javeriah, but you can call me "Jav" for short. I spend most of my time in the beautiful city of Dubai and I've been experienced in my trade for well over 5 plus years. My motivation to begin writing came from within. I absolutely adore writing! The person who inspired me in this trade was Marian Keyes. I enjoy reading book genres such as "Self Help," and "Young Adults."

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    My name is TC Neville Senior, also known as Nelly. I am a self-motivated, creative author who writes to share my thoughts and experiences with the public. Genres that I am most interested in reading and writing includes Horror, Crime, Suspense, Thrillers, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Eschatology, and Spiritual Novels. I love a well crafted book with twists and turns.

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