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"This is not the first time I have used services from Janna, and she never disappointed me. She is patient and professional. She is always ready and attentive to fulfill my whims: "change color here, fix there, higher, lower." In short, she is a true professional in her field. Thank you!"
-Pasquale Marfelli, Italy

"So, I decided to give KVI Network Creations a try. First off, the service was excellent! Vee always communicated with me about the progress of my service ordered. The quality of delivery was beyond satisfaction. I also ordered some of Vee's books: "Visions of Prosetry & Dark Haze" just to see what kind of other talents he had. Ordering & Check-out was quick and easy and I received my paperback books in the mail within the week. The book covers were divine and the reads were literally a work of art. There is definitely a unique talent of this author/artist. To boldly write against the grain of the norm and make it work... Vee has definitely out-done himself in that area. His books are so vivid and visual when it comes to his storytelling, it awes me to the point of trying to decipher truth from fiction; watching a movie from reading words on a page or even looking at a painting or portrait on canvas. The complexity of it all just blows your mind! The stories at times are so real and thought-provokingly raw it gives you goosebumps. Keep going Vee, I definitely see something here. Can't wait to see what's next on the agenda. Awesome perks and freebies. Excellent service with my manuscript edits. Thank you so much for all your patience with me and the advice you give, even outside the scope of what was required of you. You are always encouraging and optimistic; always trying to help others. I see now why your other reviews are indeed authentic when it comes to the description of your character. I highly recommend KVI Network Creations. Satisfaction is definitely Guaranteed! This Company is qualified!"
-Brenda M., California, Business Accountant, Paralegal & Writer

"I have truly enjoyed being interviewed by knightvision.ink. Sharing my story with Vee then seeing the final result from our interview was the ultimate experience. My words were expressed as clearly as I used them and the review that followed was an endearing summation of the mission of the message in my writing. Also, Nisa's beautiful artwork and design presented it all in the most appealing way. Thank you knightvision.ink. I would definitely recommend all of you involved in the process of presenting me to anyone looking for awesome reviews and any design project. Thank you once again."
-Melanie Johnson, Author, Writer, Poet

"Love KVI Network Creations so much. I am specifically speaking of the blog and author interviews in particular. There are all kinds of services provided as well with a team of creative professionals. One of those people that should receive recognition is Nisa. I'd like to thank and acknowledge Design with Nisa for such an outstanding job on the creation of the author flyers. I think everyone has been exceptional in every capacity. Knight Vision has been stellar in showcasing the authors. Thank you all for such an amazing experience and opportunity!!!!"
-Chyrel J. Jackson, Author, Writer & Poet

"Vee Nelly was great and innovative. Helps you with all your needs. Even has author contest that I won. Great site. Check it out"
-Hezekiah Morris, Author & Writer

"KVI Network Creations is a very good platform, and if I get the opportunity again I'll still choose it and recommend it to hundreds and thousands of people out there."
-Rahama Onono, Editor & Writer

"I have had the privilege of working with KVI Network Creations and it was a fantastic experience. I was the Author of the week and KVI created an awesome spotlight creation of my work/book. The website is great!! Very informative and shows so much creativity!!!! I look forward to seeing what else is in store and working with KVI again, it was a wonderful experience"
-Lasheka Lee, Author, Writer & Poet

"Awesome experience I have with Vee. The nicest and kindest person I have ever met in my life. He is humble polite... I wish him all the success in the world."
-Jannatul Ferdous Nisa, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

"KVI NETWORK CREATIONS will help authors...This business seems to put truly caring about you over making a simple buck! Whatever disability you have, he will not judge you, but will always deal with you honestly... They even go the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of... "Straight to the Point, Simple, Cheap, Helpful, Caring, Goes Beyond."
-C. Robert, Author, Author, Writer & Musician

"To Know Your Seller,
One Must First Know Him As A Buyer"

Verified Testimonials

10 Consecutive 5 Star Ratings
"Great buyer, Thank you so much... An extraordinary person who loves to help people. Helps more than I do... I am very happy to work with you. Because you are great... He is a very good buyer while giving him many suggestions..."
- Arifur12

5 Star Ratings
"Really great buyer to work with."
- WajihaFatima

Two Consecutive 5 Star Ratings
"Really enjoyed working with a great person like him. Looking forward to work again soon. Thank you for your trust on my service."

Six Consecutive 5 Star Ratings
"Vee Nelly is such an honest, decent and reliable person. Will continue my service with him for a long time... He is a great client. I am looking forward to working with him. Great relationship and wonderful passion! ...Great Client and very detailed with the requirements. Gives thorough and clear feedback and instruction. A pleasure to work with... Very caring, honest, decent, professional, and reliable client. He always provides a very detailed scope of work which helps me to give the exact estimations. Wonderful communication, helpful cooperation. Hope to have the opportunity to work with him again."
- JannatulNisa

13 Consecutive 5 Star Ratings
"Thank you so much! :)... Vee always explains the work well. Itâs lovely working with his team... Vee is so sweet to work with. Thank you! :))... An amazing experience as always!... Each and every interaction with Vee has been nothing short of a treat!..."
- Jav0201

5 Star Rating
"Amazing experience of working with Vee...
So understanding and helping. Would love to work with... again in the future."
- Reloaded4u

Six Consecutive 5 Star Ratings
"Am so happy having met someone like you. An awesome buyer and a brother...
One of my best experience..."
- AlexiusDesigns

Two Consecutive 5 Star Ratings
"Always a pleasure to work with Vee Nelly... Great experience..."
- Mongiardo

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