A Desire To Change


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A Desire To Change

Where Does Change Begin?

C. Robert JUN 24, 2022 Post Comments

A desire to change is the most amazing and the most
profound act of mankind. It’s like reconnecting to a power that
once illuminated our way. If we put our best foot forward,
spiritually, we will start to grow.

Like so many people, success comes and goes. The
problem is that we are too lazy to make things happen and it is
destroying us both mentally and physically. If we are willing to
do our best, then a lifetime of opportunities will present

As men, we are to fulfill our destiny and help others. We
are lifetime achievers and believers, but if we are not careful, we
become the ultimate deceivers, although we were created as
wonderful creatures.

This is a time that we should grow through it. Through
sleet, even snow. A lifetime of hardship will help us to know
that being stupid will keep us on our toes.

So now that these words have been unlocked, I know
your mind has opened in shock. It's time to cross that Godly
path and lay upon that green, green, grass.

- C. Robert, Author & Poet

C. Robert ( Book Author )

Robert is the co-founder of KnightVision.Ink and a native of Kingston, Jamaica. He enjoys singing and playing musical instruments. You can find him always writing his thoughts and inspirations on paper, as well volunteering in his church and choir. Some say that Robert is a quiet soul, but that is not a bad thing. God speaks to those who can quiet the noise around them of this world. Robert is just the vessel God used to get His message through to his people. One can find some of Robert's Prose in the blog section of this website.

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