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A King's Fall

Katrina Black Butterfli Rating: Aug 29, 2020 Amazon review of "A King's Fall" by TC Neville Senior Post Comments

This book was an eye opener for me and you made me look at things in a different perspective. I love how it has bible Scripture that related to the subject. I love the bonus read and enjoy reading Happy Valentine. I love the poems She is Strength, The Sinner's Friend, and Prayers For Justice. I can tell the author researched the information and put thought into every word.

Katrina Black Butterfli

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In re: Katrina's Review - A King's Fall

Thank You Katrina for taking the time to read my book, and I am glad you enjoyed it. This one hit close to home for me nd was inpired through one of my studies on the book Samuel from the Bible. I did a piece on King Sauls reign, and I was convicted to share this story with th public as it relates to my very own life. Pride is one of those things no one wants to admit they have, so trust me when I say, writing this book and actually releasing it to the public was very hard to do. This book also includes the bonus book, "Death Unto Life". A dream premonition I received of the afterlife. You can read more details on both books by following the link below. Thank again Katrina.

- TC Neville Senior, Author | Poet

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