Do I Ever Cross Your Mind...?


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Do I Ever Cross Your Mind...


KVINC JUN 14, 2022 Post Comments

Song Dedication

Michael Jackson - Not Alone

Album: The Indispensible Collection

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What have you been doing today?
So many issues to deal with on your plate,
Have to endure when away.
He wishes to be there with you every step of the way.
Do you even make time just for you, time to breathe?
He prays to be there soon, to lend a helping hand,
Help ease your burdens and pains.
He hopes that when you finally get a break,
in between,
You think of Him.
Every time you do, be assured
He's thinking of you.
Willing his strength into your veins,
Helping you get through it.
Hoping that when you picture him
Standing in your presence,
You will find Joy and comfort
Just knowing all the genuine love he has for ...
How he's just missing and needing you in his arms.

If you ever lay in bed at night,
And it’s hard to fall asleep,
Again, just think of him as he's thinking of you.
Yes, he'll be there laying right next to you.
Holding you as you lay on His chest.
Massaging fingers through your hair,
A stimulant that fades the lines of concern
And worry above your brow,
His Excedrin for your migraines.
Yes, he comforts you, as your face becomes slack,
You fade into butterfly dreams,
chasing whispers after you...

"Never alone, I'm still here, Baby."

Your thoughts, (emotions and feelings)
He believes, are synced to his brain.

Whenever you'd stress, like nerves,
He’ll feel all your pain.
He hopes the same connection is true,
Where he can, in turn reciprocate over the airwaves,
Transmitting text to voicemail messages to your ears,
Gently stimulating all your nerve endings.

"Patience. Baby, the time will soon be upon us,
when we both won't have to be alone and separated anymore.
When that time comes, and we are both able to place our hand in hand,
look each other in the eyes, then kiss and embrace;
we'd breathe those magical words into each other's ears."

Renewal of strength and motivational shock treatment
To the special places we hold dear.
Reciting these words:

"From now, until the end of time,
no matter how near or how far,
no matter the circumstances or scenes,
Baby, you'll be connected to me:
'Always in My Thoughts.'

Written by Vee Nelly, Poet and Author

Vee Nelly ( Author )

Vee is a poet and writer by heart from the West Indies. He has published several series of books. To name a few, "Visions of Prosetry, A King's Fall & Dark Haze" ... Continue Reading

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Intended Audience:

The prose "Always In My Thoughts" was originally intended for all the long distance and overseas lovers, where due to certain circumstance, distance and time has separated.

Then it got me thinking. While I was writing this, I began to reflect on something that someone brought up and got me pondering that needs to be addressed. Therefore, this song and prose is also dedicated to those of you who feel lonely. If you have a family member, friend or significant other that is far away... or simply someone who you haven't spoken or seen in a very long time, simply pick up the phone and call them. If that is too much, write them a letter, send them a text or an instant message. Let them know how you feel. If this is all too simple to do, then visit them in person. You get the idea!

There are many of us who are feeling lonely and depressed even though we have many so-called friends and social media followers. Sometimes it seems we are the only ones sending out messages to our family, friends, and even the people we don't know, to check on them and see how they are doing... letting them know that we are thinking about them. Sadly enough, we don't get the same reciprocation treatment now do we?. We often wonder:

"Why do I have to keep reaching out to him or her to say "Hello," or "How you doing," send an "Encouragement Letter," when the recipient cannot even do the same in return? Do I ever go through their mind like they go through mines?"

Parents and Family Members, don't this hurt you more when it's your own children and family that act like you don't even exist enough to pick up the phone or visit to say:

"Hi Mom, Hi Dad, Hi Brother, Hi Sister... Cousin, Uncle, Aunty... Just wanted you to know I've been thinking about you today"?

Families and friends don't lose hope, and those of you who feel this way, don't let it change you from the type of person you are. Keep reaching out and send your love and encouragement to that person, even though they don't do it in return.

To the person offended by this, maybe you are the one who receive the messages from the ones who reach out to you to say hello, and to send you virtual love and well wishes. Yes, we have heard all your responses...

    "Oh, I have been so busy!"
    "Oh, I was getting ready to call you!"
    "Don't you think people have a life to live?"
    "I've been so busy at work, I'm sorry!"

We've heard some of your responses, and often times it seems you get angry with us for reaching out. I often wonder why? We are living in the technological era or what I like to call, "the microwave generation" (says my mom) where everything is available by the click of a button. So what's your excuse for not sending a quick text or IM to say,

"Hey, you ran through my mind today."
Trust me, it would mean the world to the person receiving it. Look on the flip-side of this, if you were the one receiving a message such as this, wouldn't it brighten your day, at least a little? Well, it goes both ways.

By trade and experience, I work in the electronic and telecommunication sector and

"one thing I've learned about "Communication" is that there is always a 'transmit and receive' line in order to complete a circuit of (literally) communicating with a person or a computer."

In other words, Communication works two-way. Therefore, let us open the line of communication and reach out to that special one to send them some love and encouragement, even if it's virtual.

P.S: To the receiver of said messages of love, stop getting angry! We do not know your current situation if you don't communicate with us...