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Interview with Vee Nelly, by Authoress Michelle Cain

Michelle Cain, USA Transcribed interview with author Vee Nelly. JUN 11, 2021 Post Comments

Greetings Visitors, Readers, and Friends. An interview was had with the Authoress Michelle Cain, Founder of The "Author's World Live Show," and Vee Nelly/ Author and Founder of KnightVision.Ink.


Below is a written transcript of an interview with the author known as Nelly conducted June 11, 2021. This is a re-post since that time.

First, here is a little background about the author Vee Nelly.

Q & A


When did you begin writing?


Michelle, that is the question. I think I began writing from the time I even knew how to actually write. Raised in the British Caribbean Isles, born in '81 when all we had was a black & white television, no computer, or cell phone, and the only gaming and education console in the home, the "Nintendo and Socrates." One had no choice but to engross themselves into reading books, getting lost into the imaginations of its stories.

Since the Caribbean is a mixture of Culture, Ethnicity, and Religion, I was able to embrace all sides and perspectives that formed my personality and character today, especially in my compositions, or genre one reads. When those diverse books became boring, I began creating short stories and comics of my own. I can recall my first comic was about an Ant, who left his colony to journey out on his own. It did not end well for the Ant, as Ants are considered eusocial insects. This comic, back in my high school days drew many laughter from my classmates.

Overall, my most serious writings were poetry of the romance and relationship genre. Most would wonder how an individual at such a very young age could put together such sophisticated and complex pieces, when he had not even experienced adulthood or marriage. Nevertheless, for personal reasons, writing and story-telling became an outlet or a diary so-to-speak; an escape to another world because I was very shy, didn't have many friends, and had issues expressing myself verbally to others. Maybe that is why I am so detailed when it comes to expressing myself through words. LOL!


What inspired you to write your book(s)?


Hmm, let's see. So far, I've written two series of two categories I'd like to classify as "Natural and Spiritual" (Visions of Poetry and Visions of Truth). I'd always wanted to share my work with the world since I began writing, but the idea of publishing came when my cousin (a Best-Selling Author) actually did so.

My inspiration behind my works are a little different than most authors who were inspired by other authors they loved. My inspiration came from Music, Love, Heartbreaks; the ability to see Art in everything, whether in its natural state, or a spiritual one; whether of my own, or that of others. My slogan, has always been:

"Music is Poetry & Art" (reflecting the same) "Art is Poetry & Music."

I believe I have a keen eye that looks beyond the canopy of the natural realm of things to see that which people tend to not really notice. I won't go into details and try to complicate things at this time. However, raised in the Caribbean, my background experience as a child was engrossed in all things spiritual, whether good or evil, which gave one the ability to see things to which the natural eye does not. Call it a "Sixth Sense" if you wish.


Can you tell us about your book(s)?


My books published were consolidated into Collectors Editions because they were much easier to maintain as a self-publisher due to my schedule, circumstances, and limitations. In addition, some of the feedback received from reader fans were that they wanted all my literature under one roof. But, if I had to label them individually, there are two category series:

Visions of Truth-

  • Death Unto Life,
  • A King's Fall, and
  • Dark Haze
  • Visions of Poetry-

  • Poetic Knight,
  • Thorns & Roses,
  • MidKnight Rendezvous, and
  • Urban Prose & Short Stories".
  • These mixed genres encompasses: Inspiration, Learning, Poetry, Prose, Short Story, Urban Culture, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Supernatural, Romance, Suspense-Thrillers, Crime, and the works. You can see more on my book descriptions by visiting our bookstore in progress, as well our blog.


    What inspired you to become an author?


    The word author can be defined as many things and not just limited to someone who officially published a book (in my opinion that is). I don't think I planned on becoming an "author". My intent that led up to this name, was build on just the love of the craft and creating things unique; sharing my creativity, inspirations, and imaginations with other people. To answer the basic question in simplistic words, music is what inspired me to become an "author". My love for music and lyrics; how the sound and words made one feel. I had to record all these bottled-up feelings on the canvas of something...


    Have you ever had writer's block and how did you overcome it?


    Yes I think everyone has experienced writer's block. Although everyone experiences it in different ways, personally for me as I try to illustrate it to others, the feeling can be scary and frustrating.

    Writer's Block comes in many different forms. It can transform into "a chaotic mind," and it can be described as "when your mind just draws up a blank, it's hard to focus on the mission" of what needs to be completed.

    This sometimes can be attributed to every day distractions, or trying to juggle too many things at once. In my experience, if I am writing a novel based on different characters and background, sometimes those different characters and personalities invented begins to morph into one (chaos in my mind), and the feeling is like being sucked down a dark rabbit hole, or a whirlpool that is seeking to drown me... overwhelm me. It becomes a mixture of chaos. (I must give credit to movie actors who play the role of different character personalities. If not careful, one ends up losing the true personality of who they were in the beginning when they have to wear the different coats of other fictional characters.)

    I do not believe, in my opinion, there is really an easy way to truly overcome "writer's block" per-se. My advice however, is to begin with a proper plan layout and schedule. In other words, think of it like the many layers of an onion. Each layer would be a check in the box on what needs to be completed, and how much time is needed to complete said task. Limit yourself with simple strides, and stay the course. Take a break in-between and rest the mind from time to time.

    My mistake was setting up an unrealistic deadline on when I wanted my book to be completed and launched. I tried to do this in a year and the results just left me rushing, feeling pressured, and making mistakes.

    Set a far enough goal in the future, this way, should anything happens in between, one still have time to adjust and get back on track. Your goal and deadline should be based on your specific type of schedule in your life. If it takes you three years to complete your book, so be it. If you set a far enough deadline, this will ease the sense of feeling you are being rushed and who knows, you might even finish your book in less time than you originally planned for.

    We have recently posted an article dealing with this subject-matter via our blog. Check it Out!


    How many books have you written and which is your favorite?


    I have written about seven books,

  • Poetic Knight,
  • Thorns & Roses,
  • MidKnight Rendezvous,
  • Urban Prose & Short Stories,
  • Death Unto Life,
  • A King's Fall, and
  • Dark Haze-The Island.
  • My first favorite of these, are Urban Prose & Short Stories and Dark Haze-The Island.


    What inspired the idea for your book(s)?


    Well in brief transparency, Poetic Knight was inspired through a female friend of mine, I admired. A friend who, based on her aura, vibes, her smile, and personality, as well as what she was going through good and bad, inspired me to start writing again.

    Most of the poetry and short stories in the book were based on facts about her, what she was going through, and how it affected me in the process. It had been many years since I was inspired to write, and this person conjured that lost inspiration that lay dormant within me.

    Thorns & Roses - Visions of Poetry was inspired by a time in my life where I experienced pain during my marriage that eventually led to divorce. These literatures were written on many deployments overseas during my military career which also affected the relationship. That's all I have to say about that LOL! (Tender subject for me, as I reflect back).

    MidKnight Rendezvous - Visions of the Knight was written during my deployment in Kuwait and Iraq back in 2002-2006. The story was revisited and rewritten for the same person behind the inspiration for Poetic Knight who wanted to see a more intimate side of me.

    In other words, she thought I was just a goodie-two-shoes, who knew nothing about intimacy and romance.

    Urban Prose & Short Stories was inspired by a friend I met who managed a Facebook group, whom, based on her postings and "Photo Prompts," inspired me to step outside the box and compose another style genre of art and stories. If it were not for her humble vibes, aura, support, love and encouragement to other authors. I won't be able to have turned, what began as just assignments in the group, into my next book. Thanks Kat!


    Did you have any challenges in writing your book(s) and how did you overcome those challenges?


    There are many challenges in writing books and completing the tasks, especially when you have to juggle your everyday personal lives.

    We can overcome these challenges by never giving up and keep pressing on, one day at a time, piece by piece, slow strides. Don't look to the left or right, as you will become distracted on where others are, and what they are doing.

    Sometimes you might feel the temptation to compare the progress of others to your own. Don't! Focus on your task and accomplishments only. You never know what all that other person had to go through to get where they are today; how much they lost; their struggles; who they stepped on, or took advantage of, etc.... Do Only You!

    When one builds a home, there is a process, and it begins with a strong foundation, not rushed. Stay in your lane and stay the course, never give up or surrender and you will overcome any challenge.

    Don't forget to: RESEARCH! RESEARCH! RESEARCH!


    What's next for Author Vee Nelly?


    Currently, with less than 2 hrs a day, due to commitments, circumstances, and schedule, I am slowly working on erecting a domain that was founded on the vision of showcasing the diversity and cultures of all types of art in all genres and form all over the world.

    It is a website where all aspiring new authors and creators can showcase their works and network with each other without prejudgments and discrimination. A way to encourage new creators to publish their work publicly. The idea is to assist aspiring writers and artists as a volunteer service. "Pay-It-Forward." Our site is maintained on sales and donations, and if we can help, assist and advise another without payment, we are happy to do so.

    You can find out more about our company by follow this link, and also by accessing the footer menu on our page.


    What advice can you give to those that want to write a book and become an author but they are afraid to make that step?


    My advice is that

    F.E.A.R. is only what you make it, and allow it to do to you.

    I believe that most visions fail due to lack of planning. Only you can make the road you layout before you difficult or easy. Before setting out on any journey, one has to be prepared with the tools and information needed to complete that journey. Know your terrain and the obstacles you may face along the journey and how to overcome them. Research, Knowledge, and a Support System are key before beginning any journey. People become discouraged and lose sight of their goal due to lack of preparation and knowledge.

    Ask yourself if you are planning on publishing, what is most important to you, getting good reviews, making many sales, or sharing your works with the public? In other words,

    1. Why do you really want to become a public author?
    2. What do you hope to gain from it?
    3. Is it personal for your own gain?
    4. Do you truly want to share your works and talent to inspire, teach and encourage others.

    The answers to these questions, specific to your motives, will keep you focus and motivated despite the obstacles that lay ahead... and trust me, there will be obstacles. But be warned! Choose your reason wisely, for Struggle and the Test of Fire, will find you out.

    Last but not least, be open to criticism. You will have critiques out there. Some will criticize your work so badly, it discourages you to give up hope, but don't! Let your critics, or even haters be your motivators and teachers.

    Sometime we need to realize also that some of our haters and critics come from those who fail in their own lives, and they are miserable of doing nothing... needing a friend. Often we have heard the saying, "Misery Loves Company." Don't be that company. Surround yourself with honest, transparent, and optimistic personalities and characters.

    Always uplift and encourage others when they may feel that hope is lost in their journey. Lend a helping hand. Get rid of your own Pride, and Celebrate with others when they are Celebrating in their glory. Don't become that Critic or Hater I just mentioned above, for when you put on the coat of pride, covetousness, and jealousy, beware of that which follows.

    Don't Worry, be patient, your turn is on the way, when you will be Celebrating your victory and sharing your testimony. Never Lose Hope and the Vision that was planted in your heart so long ago. Everyone's road and path is different (shorter, longer, easier, harder) than the other person. Don't Compare!

    Thanks Michelle!
    Sincerely, TC Neville Senior aka Vee Nelly, June 2021

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