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Official Review - Angel Child


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Angel Child

There is Beauty within the Magic of a Smile

KVI Network Creations Rating: SEPT. 17, 2022 Book Review of "Angel Child" written by Apara Mahal Sylvester Post Comments

This book (Angel Child) is one of our favorites. We love this book because of the way the author expresses ones experiences in such a way...it is captivating, absorbs you into her world. This book proves strength, courage, and steadfastness. It also proves that at the end of every tunnel, if only we never give up and keep trudging through, we will find light.

Excellent read and encouragement despite what you are going through. We love this book, and thankful for being introduced to it. Apara is another light and testimony in this world, a beacon of hope and faith to those who have or on the very verge of giving up. If you are in a dark place in your life, I believe this book will encourage you to keep moving forward never looking back. By looking back we get distracted on the forward path laid out in front of us. If we veer off that path by even an inch, in due time we can easily miss the narrow road to that door of blessings. Apara, great job in the presentation of your book and your smile is a light in itself that speaks a thousand words.

Verified and Submitted by: TC Neville Senior
Founder KnightVision.Ink
Book Type: E-book Edition

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