Blissful Escape!

Blissful Escape!

What Mothers Wish For Sometimes

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She enters the bathroom locking the past behind her,
Fills the bowl with the clear elixir.
She undresses, throwing all worry, hurt, scars, and pain into the
basket to be cleaned.
She steps in slowly and lay back between the bowl's valley.
She lays there, just beneath the surface of the refreshing liquid,
like a water lily.
Laying there like a dead body, she floats on. She has emptied
her mind, body, and soul. She is now one with the spirit.
This is her time; it's an escape from the world's
many voices and lies.
She is at peace as her ears sink beneath,
listening to the sound of nothingness;
a world so different than her own.
A world where one can be free.

"If only I can fully submerge forever into this portal's keep."

In her mind's eyes, she awakes to find she has become a giant black butterfly.
A rare, unique, simple yet magnificent creature.
She know there's nothing special about her dark glistening
wings, but her beauty and strength came from that which one
can only find; it was skin deep.
There are many beautiful and colorful things in the real world.
Most are so similar in nature, so similar in feature.
Everyone wants to look like someone else, be someone else.
Not her.
For she is one of a kind.

Her beauty was like a rare black ruby's find.
But just think, in the mixture of all types of chaotic colors; of
colorful butterflies blended together in a field; who would you
spot first?
Would it not be the contrast?
Would it not be her?
This was why her subconscious mind projected to become this
humble and delicate, Black Butterfly.

Butterfly high above the little world beneath.
So tiny, the reflection in her bulbous eyes see.
Submitting to the cool breeze beneath her wings; submitting to
the melody in her ear as the wind sings.
Up here so high, she can float on forever.
Won't have to do much in this type of world.
Only on occasions, fly down into the beautiful gardens, tasting
the sweet nectar.
Smell the aromas of flowers so heavenly.
This is the dream of how her world would be; a dream she never
wants to wake from,

"If only this were my reality."


"Mama! Are you in there? What's taking so long?"

She opens her eyes, looked to the ceiling, and whispered,

"Blissful Escape."

Vee Nelly ( Author )

Vee is a poet and writer by heart from the West Indies. He has published several series of books. To name a few, "Visions of Prosetry, A King's Fall & Dark Haze. Continue Reading