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Santa! Where Are You?


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Book Review: Santa! Where Are You?

KVI Network Creations Rating: April 16, 2022 Post Comments

I am now one of your biggest fan.

The Authoress and I have a lot in common when it comes to the characters in her book I still love today. Not a book one would expect based on the cover. Reminds us never to judge a book by its covering.

The Authoress and I have a lot in common when it comes to the characters in her book I still love today. Not a book one would expect based on the cover. Reminds us never to judge a book by its covering.

"Ever wonder where and what happened to your favorite childhood characters you loved when you were little, and still love today? Well this is the perfect sequel to their stories; longtime awaited, and I'm happy to have ran into this book"
- Vee Nelly, Author, Poet

A huge slap in my face... but a wonderful slap. (LOL)

When you think, like every other book or movie, you know where the plot is heading, or how the story will end, the twist of its tail loops itself around you like an electrical cord and shocks you awake back to reality. One can only describe the feeling like dozing off (not talking about this book as it was far from boring), and someone just up and slaps you back to reality. The book was that good! I realize, I'm not a know-it-all because this Authoress threw me for a loop, although I'm usually good at guessing the end based upon how the story begin.

Real World Meets Fantasy!

The Authoress has a talent for knitting the two worlds together. A+ for Creativity. Now that's, "Art in Words!" One can tell the type Character of the Authoress. "Funny with a Sense of Humor." The Authoress' personality is written in the pages, kept me giggling at every turn. If this Authoress can get me to laugh (which I don't do much) that's a huge plus in my book. Relatable Characters, Situations, and a Moral to her story we know too well. Can't wait to read a second part series of this book. ENCORE!

"Whirlpool that keeps you engaged to read on. Where one would gladly surrender themselves to be sucked into the Rabbit's Hole of Fantasy Land."

Recommended Audience

Action, Adventure, Mystery, Thriller, Romance, Humor (Mixed bowl of genres). Recommended to all audience. Some adult situations.

Categorical Rating | Review

Character: Rated at 5 stars

The characters in the book fits the theme perfectly. This book overall, has personality; shows the reader the author's wit for creation, imagery, and imagination.

Tone: Rated at 5 stars

The tone of the book was upbeat, and engaging. Read like a movie. A suspense, thriller, humor with action and adventure.

Climax: Rated at 5 Stars

The book was well in tack... Beginning, middle and end. Roller-coaster ride up, up, up – wait for it – a thrilling high so climatic that leaves wanting to turn back the pages again and again to stay in the moment of the sensation.

Ending: Rated at 5 Stars

Movie material. Ready to be produced and turned into an animated series. I can see this in live theatre as well.

Overall Rating

There was nothing in this book that was unsatisfactory overall. In my opinion, I only spotted one word that had a double meaning and used incorrectly in the context intended which was an honest mistake that anyone, even myself sometimes overlook and called out for by my editors. I immediately raised this notice to the author to consider. Excellent work overall by the author. I am now a fan and I believe myself and author have many things in common when it comes to our imaginations and storytelling.

Additional Comments

The above review was originally written for the author in or about February 20, 2021. It is now reformatted using the application from my blog article "5 Tips On How To Review A Book: A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners." Be sure to check this article out and be on the lookout for more reformatted reviews from the books I love and recommend you to read.

I certify this day 04.16.2022, that I, Vee Nelly have written and authorized the above review.

Best Regards and Blessings to this author.
Sincerely, The Founder

Founder ( Writer, Editor, Author )

My name is TC Neville Senior, also known as Nelly. I am a self-motivated, creative author who writes to share my thoughts and experiences with the public. Genres that I am most interested in reading and writing includes Horror, Crime, Suspense, Thrillers, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Eschatology, and Spiritual Novels. I love a well crafted book with twists and turns.

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