Dark Haze - The Island



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Dark Haze - The Island


Krafty Pages | Bookstore | Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Eschatology, Supernatural | Views: 200,790 | Downloads: 12,890 | Print Sales: 850 | Rating: | Updated Aug 20, 2022 | Post Comments

Chapter ##

Eyes Wide Open

Dr. Charles was working late that evening in his office. He had already sent his aide’s home. The only other Professor who volunteered to stay was Sarah. She was indeed beautiful.

Although Sarah and Charles were college colleagues, both had a secret crush on each other, but no one knew the wiser because they made it their business to hide it. Sarah was about 5ft tall, Caucasian complexion, bright green eyes, plumped natural pink lips with blond eyebrows and hair. She was indeed angelic.

Charles on the other hand was in direct contrast to her beauty and complexion. He was not a handsome man, but he had a kind heart, he was a gentle soul, and optimistic, that's why Sarah fell for him, though she was 5 years younger. Age is just but a number, and tonight Sarah was going to tell Charles exactly how she felt for the first time.

Sarah had just gotten off the elevator and was approaching Charles' office door when she heard whispers and saw a glimpse of a shadow up the long dark corridor. She thought this floor was empty because she knew Charles liked to work late through the night, often sending his team home. Sarah's office was one floor above Charles' and she too decided to burn the midnight oil.

Curiosity got the best of Sarah. Charles' door to his lab was closed and she can see the fading light reflecting from under his door. Something a way up, past his door, however, drew her to investigate, but it was so dark.

As Sarah began to creep forward passing the entrance to Charles' door, the hairs on her arms and the back of her neck erected, goosebumps rippled her entire body.

The door ahead of her drew her closer and closer, and with that, the temperature seemed to be getting colder and colder. She could tell, not because her body was already cold with fright, but because she could see the steam coming from her nose and mouth when she breathed out.

"Hello! Is someone in there?"

It was just a little whisper that escaped her now trembling lips. Sarah did not expect anyone to hear, she was afraid to even be heard by whomever or whatever was awaiting her just beyond that threshold. She wanted to turn back, but the dark office drew her in like a magnet.

Sarah was now five steps away from the closed door. The door creaked open on its own, just a crack, and she could hear many voices and whispers coming from beyond, getting louder and louder. Every time she was sure her ears made out what they were saying, the meaning escaped her like a vapor of smoke in the wind.

Sarah's heart pulsed louder and louder in her ears, as she watched her long slender arms push back the door. She crossed into darkness and suddenly she could hear nothing. She was deaf. It was like all the sounds around her even the pulse in her ears were muted. She looked around in the darkness, hands outstretched for the light switch. The office lights were supposed to sense the presence in the room and automatically turn on, but they did not. Sarah was disoriented. She could not find the ancient light switch, so she did what most moths do. She approached the tall back window where some light from the outside afforded her. She approached quickly, looked out. She sensed something behind her approaching quickly. She turned around immediately pressing her back against the cold glass just in time to see a shadow retreat into the dark, up into the ceiling like smoke. She screamed but no sound came from her lips...

Chapter ##

The Spiritual Dead

Charles told his aides to go home, he was not feeling well. All the things they were working on, the experiments, were beginning to weigh heavily on his heart. He looked about the room and shuddered. Jars and tanks, small and large, were filled with lifeless bodily forms, both human and animal alike, stared back at him through beady black marbled eyes. This gave him the creeps at first when he got promoted and assigned to the new floor. He eventually got over that episode, but the wound that was healed opened again, so to speak.

There were the others. He walked over to the wall with the old antique picture of the ocean, tilted its frame several times, like a combination lock until he heard the distinctive click, and the wall silently hissed, sliding to the left, an opening was revealed. Charles walked in and the door hissed closed behind him. Lights automatically turned on, then dimmed.

Charles' aides did not know about this secret room. He did not even know about it either until one day when he stumbled upon it by accident. When he first saw it, his legs buckled, bringing him to his knees.

Often late in the night, he would come into this room to remind himself that we were living in two separate worlds, one spiritual and the other with which he was quite familiar with. Yes, he was a Scientist, never believed in God, but rather

"The Big Bang, Evolution Theory."

Lately, however, he was beginning to doubt all of it. Charles began to wonder if he was in fact on the right side of the fence. Everything he was seeing with his eyes began to convince him that the stories in the Bible may have been true. He recalled a time when there were rumors of disappearances like the Christian Bible foretold, and at first it frightened him to think he was left behind. But the News media told the people that it was all a hoax, and the people who were spreading those false prophetic rumors were delusional. This was over 10 years ago, and the rumors quickly died off with time. After all, the Bible did say that there would be false prophets, and witnesses in the last days, right?

As Charles looked at the giant glass, fish-like tanks surrounding the large room, he felt a sense of nostalgia. It always seemed that he was seeing these "Beings" for the very first time. Often, he would pinch himself to be sure he was not dreaming. All this made him feel like he was

"Alice in Wonderland"

peeking through a keyhole into another dimension.

Then suddenly from the corner of Charles' eye, he saw something move. He stared in that dimly lit direction for a moment and then stepped forward, approaching the smaller tanks to his right. He stopped at a large bookshelf, but this shelf harbored no books, but dead empty covers, with no souls. Charles peered in closer at one of the many specimens in the jar that lined the 8 ft shelf. Inside he can see the little fetus. This fetus was no human at all, but an ancient creature Theologians would call a demon or minion of some sought. This tiny creature was indeed small like a child's fetus indeed, but under a careful eye, one can see it was fully grown.

Pale in color from the liquid it lay dormant in, two muscular hairy legs, with feet made of a bull's hoof. Its arms were bony, its hands looked like tiny sharp eagle talons. Birdlike white feathered wings protruded from its back, its face was angelic like a cherub's, perfect, except for the jet-black lidless eyes and the tiny down curved horns. Hair covered its entire skeletal structure. Its sex was undetermined. There was nothing innocent and pleasant about these creatures. Everything in this room was of a sinister nature.

"That's Weird,"

Charles said to no one, more to himself. His mind was playing tricks on him again, especially the shadows in this dimly lit room.

Just when Charles turned and got ready to exit the room in a hurry, his legs were stuck, unwilling to let him move forward. He could hear some movement behind him. Sounds of glass jars on the bookshelf began to shake and clank against one another. The hair on Charles' neck stood on ends, he was afraid to turn around, afraid of what he might see.

It so happened that Charles did not have to turn around to find out what was transpiring, for the giant water tanks that held the bigger replica of these tiny demons began to bubble as if the liquid inside was being heated. Charles heard the tiny sound of a splintered crack in the glass and bounded for the exit. The door, as it did in the past, was supposed to open automatically, but it did not.

All the lights in the room suddenly went pitch black. Several of the tiny jars fell to the floor, exploding, then there were more...

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Vee Nelly ( Author )

Vee is a poet and writer by heart from the West Indies. He has published several series of books. To name a few, "Visions of Prosetry, A King's Fall & Dark Haze." Continue Reading

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