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30 Day Devotional For the Everyday Woman


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Book Review: 30 Day Devotional For the Everyday Woman

Written by Diana C. Hill

KVI Network Creations Rating: May 26, 2022 Post Comments

A book that truly quickens your mind, spirit, and soul. A book that enlightens the reader and turns up the volume of that 'still small voice' of God within that often times seem hard to hear. This book, as one reads through its pages, has you so engaged that everything else around seems... well silent. When the author stated you will hear from God, this was no fib, you really do! But how do you discern which is His voice? Read this book and you will know.


There are several favorites of mine in this book as well applications to utilize, but the one that was most relatable to my life was this quote from the book of Proverbs 11:2:

"When pride cometh, then comes shame, but with the lowly is wisdom."

The author tells us that:

"We are to clothe ourselves with humbleness, grace, and humility. There should be no room for pride. When we obtain a humbled heart with loving-kindness this pleases the Lord. Humbleness gives us peace and patience. Humbleness will make you feel equal to everyone. You won't let pride make you think you are better than anyone. Living a Christian life in humbleness is essential."

The Author's Reflection:

"The Spirit of the Lord will give us wisdom when we need humility. We must always humble ourselves to please our Savior, Jesus Christ."

Coupled with that of the author, Pride today is indeed a major issue. It creeps in disguised in many different shapes and sizes, if we are not careful, it will attach itself to us like a leach and devour us slowly from the inside out. Don't be mistakenly conceited and entertain the idea because you are a Christian, a Scholar, Religious or knowledgeable in Scripture and Word that you are immune to this vice. Pride does not discriminate, it walks around like a roaring lion seeking to whom it can devour. Pride opens up the door to many other sinful spirits. My book "A King's Fall" fits into these reflections and how it related to my personal life versus the King himself, Saul (from the OT Bible). I liken pride to this analogy:

"To put on the coat of pride is like bathing in gasoline and standing next to an open flame"

- TC Neville Senior

As vivid and barbaric as this quote seems, the emphasis is that pride is truly destructive and not to be taken lightly. As the author indicates above, we must humble ourselves daily before God, we must ask God to help us understand the elements of pride and how to overcome it. It is better we humble ourselves quickly than to allow God to do it for us. I think all of us have been humbled by God in one way or the other, some harsher than others and it was no joke. I am one of many who was humbled by God to the point it was a wake-up-call. Today, as I see clearly with spiritual eyes of discernment (when the scales were finally removed), I realize many are still wearing the designer jacket of pride. 'One size fits all' is its tag. Check your spiritual collar and tell me what it reads...


This book can be recommended to all audience, culture, religion, or race. I would specifically recommend this book to our youth and younger generation because the devil preys on the young minds first. The devil is really patient. If he can affect the young minds of today, then he is sure to have his army ready for the future. Isn't this what the devil has been doing for many centuries past? Look at society today and the mindset of its thinking.


It's difficult to even put a rating on a book such as a spiritual one because any word inspired by God cannot be tagged. Nevertheless however, if I were to comment on the character of the book, I would say that this was a book that was truly inspired by a person who genuinely wanted to help others; a person who truly cares about the welfare of others and their everyday lives; a person that allowed God to use her as a vessel to accomplish just that.

Tone: Rated at 5 stars

The tone of this book was not condemning, but a relatable one. In other words, this book portrays the analogy of God walking besides his children teaching them step-by-step on how to live a joyful life in Him and how to overcome the many challenges with his help.

Climax: Rated at 5 Stars

Not necessarily applicable to this genre of book, but each application was powerful and applicable within itself from beginning to end.

Ending: Rated at 5 Stars

I am most intrigued by the extra bonus the author incorporates at the end of the book. You will have to read the book to find out.

Overall Feel: Rated at 4.5 Stars

The book is perfect in structure and application. I think the title is suggestive that the book is only meant for women only, but I believe God's word and message should be shined upon every soul regardless of race, sex, culture, background. We were all created equally in God's Spiritual image. Based upon the pages within, a more universal title would have been ideal to capture all audience (if this was the intent of the author). As the average single male, coming across this book at a bookstore, at first glance, I would have probably overlook it because of the specific title "... For the Everyday Woman". In contrast however, I would have chosen this book based on the title as a gift for my wife or significant other.


Average rating: 4.9 (5 Stars)

There was nothing in this book that was unsatisfactory overall in my opinion. This book was truly inspired and written under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

You may purchase a copy of this book from the author Diana today.

I highly recommend this book to all readers. Even though the title suggest targeting the female gender, I recommend this book to the men to purchase a copy for themselves, wives, or significant other. You will not be disappointed.

Additional Comments

The above review is meant to be as candid as possible. Keep in mind that my review is just my opinion and personal feeling only. I felt a bit uncomfortable putting a rating, label, or tag on a spiritual book such as this especially influenced by God... His word will always be above all in the highest. I hereby this day, May 26, 2022, certify this review and rating - TC Neville Senior.

Best Regards and Blessings to this author.
Sincerely, The Founder

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