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Official Review - Born To Survive


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Born To Survive

True Resilience and Perseverance

KVI Network Creations Rating: SEPT. 17, 2022 Book Review of "Born To Survive" written by Kylie-Anne Evans Post Comments

Kylie-Anne Evans' book "Born to Survive" is one of the most remembered book we have ever read. Miss Kylie is an amazing story writer. Her book is based on actual details from her life. In this book, Ms. Evans shows strength, passion, commitment, character, motivation, and so much more in the way she composes her thoughts.

Often times, while reading, this book leaves one glancing off into the life of the Author's experiences. Reading this book, we believe that Kylie's intentions are not to have her readers feel sorry for her experiences but instead to educate, encourage, and motivate them.

Kylie's message is for those to whom have or, current going through a struggle such as her own, moreover, even different than hers, but a struggle indeed. The take away from this book is that no matter one's circumstances, even though it may seem grim and you feel like giving up... Remember that God sits on high and looks down on all of us, and He will never put on our plates more than we can bear.

Sometimes we question God, why things like this happen to His children whom He says in the Bible, He loves. We at times doubt Him. With every life experience we go through is a testament for another. We are indeed witnesses to each other. This is what we believe Kylie's book has brought into our world. Her story has already reached so many readers. And we smile to ourselves because her book has reached us as well. Reading this book brings new light and encouragement into my world and shows me I am not alone, no matter what, and like Kylie, I will make it through.

Little do the Author know, that I to, know someone very close to me to whom experienced something similar, (I won't name names) but to which I was the product of. This person has been my rock and motivation of strength, she has raised 5 children single-handedly, and despite her struggles she has always been a light to others; encouraging them and motivating them as well.

Kylie-Anne, I am proud of you, and grateful for coming across this book. I pray you many blessings in everything you do with your hands and blessing on your journeyed path where ever you may go. You are a light to all of us. Although I have not went into details about this book, It is indeed an excellent read, and I will recommend five gold stars for originality, courage, and humbleness in sharing this story the best way Kylie could. I highly recommend this book. Thank You!

Verified and Submitted by: TC Neville Senior
Founder KnightVision.Ink
Book Type: E-book Edition

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