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Building Relationships: Bonding

How To Be a Positive Mentor or Role Model

KVINC SEP 24, 2022 Post Comments

Relatonships take time to build. Bonding creates an effective relationship with your mentee, which is critical to having a successful relationship. Developing rapport by using effective communication skills build trust, which creates a positive relationship.

Below are tips to help you BUILD STRONG RELATIONSHIPS...

  • Build them one at a time. Concentrate on the person in front of you.
  • Be friendly and make a connection. Try to find something in common.
  • Ask people questions. People like to talk about themselves. Listen and ask questions to truly learn more about the individual.
  • Tell the other person about yourself. Tell them what you like and think.
  • Accept the person for who they are. You don't have to agree with everything they feel or think.
  • Assume the other person wants a relationship with you. Sometimes a person may be shy, distracted with life or not sure how to build a relationship.
  • Overcome your own fears. Everyone has a fear of rejection. Don't fear what other people think of you.
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