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Words Of Wisdom

C. Robert SEPT 06, 2022 Post Comments

Dating is just a short form of courting, but how well do we know our partners? Is it by name, number, or where they live, or is it by their appearances? A majority of us only look at the outer appearance, forgetting that the first appearance only lasts for so long, then the real you comes to the surface, the one that we do our best to conceal.

We must take the time to know who and what we are dealing with before we get thrown into the fire because we will get burned and because this fire is not easily quenched. Getting to know who we are, allows us to put ourselves in a situation that we can handle, so if a decision is made, we will not have regrets.

Attitude plays a significant role when searching for that special someone, in the hope of finding the one who will love you for who you are, and not only what you can give them. The problem is, that they are not for you, but themselves, only for themselves, and because of that, they don't care what you think, say, or even feel.

What do you do when selfishness takes precedence in their heart, mind, and soul? The best thing is to kick them to the curb or call it quits and move forward with your life. Without communication, a perfect marriage will surely perish with a love that was never cherished.

Courting is to know each other as friends and then take it to the next level, meaning getting married and being at peace, knowing that each decision will benefit the marriage and both you and your partner. We do not have any self-control, which is why we find ourselves in a complete mess, wondering why we are not successful.

- C. Robert, Author & Poet

C. Robert ( Book Author )

Robert is the co-founder of KnightVision.Ink and a native of Kingston, Jamaica. He enjoys singing and playing musical instruments. You can find him always writing his thoughts and inspirations on paper, as well volunteering in his church and choir. Some say that Robert is a quiet soul, but that is not a bad thing. God speaks to those who can quiet the noise around them of this world. Robert is just the vessel God used to get His message through to his people. One can find some of Robert's Prose in the blog section of this website.

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This piece is dedicated to the young youths who rush into the words "I Love You". - C. Robert/Author