Every Inch Of You


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Every Inch Of You


LaVan Robinson SEP 07, 2022 Post Comments

You hold my heart in your hands;
Like your favorite musical instrument.
The way you play sensuous, hypnotic tunes of pure pleasure...
Oh how it excites my soul to tell the world of this proclamation.
Where and how should I actually begin?

I get so lost looking into your eyes;
Like the amazement of a little child,
Melting quickly away by its warmth;
The beauty of your glorious smile.

There's something about you and this moonlight.
Both are bright and so illuminating;
Holding a special place within me...sustainability;
All the days and nights of my life.

Continuously you play this beautiful heartfelt tune;
I'm so into you.
Musical tones that fills my atmospheric nature;
As all within me succumbs to such powerful expressions;
Such artistic creativity;
I'd howl to the moon.

Its rhapsodic message is plain, simple, and clear.
I'm so in love,
Honestly, my beloved Queen,
With all and every inch of you.

- LaVan Robinson | Author & Poet