How To Know Your Passion


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How Do I Know My Passion?

Effective Tips to Find The Answer

KVINC JUL 08, 2022 Post Comments

Have you ever wondered how people find their passion so easily? You may have a couple of things you like, but knowing the core passion can be a challenge. Just like me, you must have asked yourself: how to know my passion? Now, knowing your purpose in life can seem daunting. You may want to know your passion deeply but trust me when I say this, it is not the end of the world if you don't. I have collected here 6 simple yet effective ways of knowing your passion in life. Knowing your true inner calling is so empowering and helps your career and your psychological well-being. All of these are personally tried and tested and has helped me find the answer to the intriguing question of how to know my passion.

So how did I find the answer to the question: how to know my passion?

Knowing your passion is something that can help kindle a fire within you. If you do something you are passionate about then you would never get bored of what you do nor will you run low on the motivation cell. Knowing your passion is something that can help kindle a fire within you. If you do something you are passionate about then you would never get bored of what you do nor will you run low on the motivation cell.

1. You May Get Lucky

Out of the innumerable options that you may think will kindle a fire, you may be one of the few people who might get lucky. There comes a time when people would approach you and ask you to do something you thought you were never capable of and this, in turn, can strike a chord in you. Confused? Well, I read this book Visions of Prosetry. There was a poem there ""I can't breathe,"" the author Vee Nelly describes how he was approached by a friend who asked him to write a piece of the poem for him. One that he could use to propose to his girlfriend. This was a time when Vee himself did not know about his passion for writing but he got lucky and so did we! ;).

2. Watch Where you Spend Your Time

We usually spend time doing what we enjoy most. If you like reading, see what genre you enjoy reading most. If you watch shows, see what you enjoy. Observe your choices and try to discover options from those. If you are a person who spends loads of time on the internet and social media, see what profiles you follow more. For some it is DIY, for some it is makeup, for some it can be photography. Whatever it is, list down what you like spending time on most. There is a high chance where you spend most of your screen time is where your passion might be. This in fact has been how I found my passion.

3. Evaluate your Background

Often at times, we seek passion from the kind of nurturing we get. It is likely that a family that is full of doctors seem to have a passion for medicine. However, there is a likelihood that you may have a total opposite liking to what your family history is like. That being said, there is still a likelihood that you may have your purpose of life somewhere in your genes.

4. Seek Inspiration

Read. Talk to people from different scopes of life. Seeking inspiration is a never-ending journey. There is always something that would spark interest. Try and seek inspiration from different scopes and see what strikes a chord in you. For some people, travelling does the job. Visiting new places often strikes a chord and kindles a fire of liking within.

5. Research

Once something holds your interest, research it. See what are the scope of the interest. Look for options that can give you monetary returns. You would ideally want to make some money out of what you are passionate about. Research on how people who share similar passion make money out of their passion. Observe their work and see how you can give this your individual touch. Big businesses become big only when they are set up with a strong foundation of research. Make sure to read in before you make any decisions.

6. Practice

Now that you know what your passion is, practice. Develop a skill-set and explore options. The more you practice the more you learn about the thing. There is a likelihood that you would lose interest midway. If this happens, repeat the process. Always remember that perfection is achieved only through persistence. Searching for your passion is not something that you can do overnight. It needs patience, persistence and positivity. You might feel you like something and confuse it with passion, but liking something and being passionate about something are two different things. That being said, if you are one of the lucky ones who get to discover their passion, always make sure to give it some time. People tend to resign from their jobs to jump on the train of something they aspire to do. This can be hazardous. You never know how your passion would turn out to be. Maybe it won't be something you could rely on for financial support. Start off slowly, make this a hobby than a part-time thing. Switch to full time only when you feel it is substantial for your support.

I hope these steps helped to clarify identifying your passions. Feel free to use the comment section below to ask any questions or to add your personal testimony of how you came to know your passion. Who knows, your testimony can help steer another soul in the right direction.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Article.

Vee Nelly ( Author )

Vee is a poet and writer by heart from the West Indies. He has published several series of books. To name a few, "Visions of Prosetry, A King's Fall & Dark Haze" ... Continue Reading