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Vee Nelly AUG 02, 2022 Post Comments

We hope that creating this page will uplift your spirit and bring some type of motivation to get you through the day, or even your situation. We will continue to add quotes and narratives to this post. Check back later for the latest!

"If this Life seems a game of Chess played between God and the Devil... What Chess piece are you in their game, and whose side are you defending?"

-TC Neville Senior, Author (See: Job 1:12; 2:1-7)

"We must realize there is nothing new under the sun. There is nothing in this world that hasn't been tried or thought about before... As knowledge and technology advances, so does its means of bringing imaginations to life. What we consider new is just an old habit, behavior, or style being reborn into a new generation that has not seen or experienced it before. I am that old generation looking into the new, and it breaks my heart to see what I see today."

- TC Neville Senior, Author & Poet

"We all bleed the same. We're all beautiful when we're together.So tell me why we're divided."

- "We all Bleed the Same" - Mandisa, Singer

"If God painted the cosmos which merge all beautiful colors into one picture, shouldn?'t we emulate the same here on earth without prejudice, and racism?"

- TC Neville Senior, Author

"Positive minds produce positive lives. Negative minds produce negative lives. Positive thoughts are always full of faith and hope. Negative thoughts are always full of fear and doubt."

- Battlefield of the Mind - Joyce Myers, Author

"Ignition your Vision with a Mission."

- Vee Nelly

"I dislike stagnancy when there is always an opportunity to grow and advance, both in knowledge and skill."

- TC Neville Senior, About Founder

"Many things seem to be new simply because the past is easily forgotten. The old ways reappear in new guises."

- ZKJSB/ Ecclesiastes 1:10-12

"To put on the coat of pride is like bathing in gasoline and standing next to an open flame."

- A King's Fall - TC Neville Senior, Author

"We're amazed about how certain animal predators imitate human traits... Why do we become offended when told we're behaving like savaged beasts?"

- TC Neville Senior, Author

"I choose to stay positive, for in positivity, I grow stronger, but in the negative, I grow weaker."

- C. Robert, Author

"Never turn your back on Culture, Diversity, or the many Beautiful Colors of Love."

- Vee Nelly, Author

"...If we truly search for ourselves, be honest with our inner person, our self-assessment, we can commit to change for the better. We can prevent so many unfortunate events, actions, or situations from occurring..."

- TC Neville Senior, Author

"Your positive action combined with positive thinking, results in success."

- Shiv Khera

"Today, I am living proof of my faith because I am still walking in it."

- Vee Nelly, Author

"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."

- Mark Twain

"I abhor flattery which is just another way of being deceptive."

- TC Neville Senior, Author

"Little steps each day adds up to BIG results. Take it one step at a time and allow God to order your steps in the direction that He wants you to go. There is greatness inside of you. Don't drop your gift, just step out on faith and go for it because on the other side of fear awaits great blessings for you."

- Michelle Cain, Author

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."

- Albert Einstein

"...Moreover, the majority have neglected to commit themselves to the most important change of all; it is called the 'Heart'. Medically correct, the 'Heart' is only an organ vessel. Unfortunately, we were mistakenly trained. "Search Your Heart," they'd say. "What Does Your Heart Tell You?" They'd inquire. Although we are indeed searching through our 'thoughts,' (Mind, Will, Emotions, or Feelings) all housed within the Brain. Why are we changing our hearts? It is because this is where decisions and choices are conjured. Whether good or bad, positive or negative, love or hate, forgiveness or unforgiveness. These things can have a great impact on the rest of our lives. If we truly search for ourselves, be honest with our inner person, our self-assessment, we can commit to change for the better. We can prevent so many unfortunate events, actions, or situations from occurring."

- TC Neville Senior, Author

"He that handleth a matter wisely shall find good: and whoso trusteth in the Lord, happy is he."

- King Solomon

"Our reward awaits us in the heavenly place, not this carnal earth - So why do we continuously look for it here?"

- Vee Nelly, Author

The word 'true love' sounds so familiar, but the world knows that these words have destroyed many lives and caused so much pain. I came to realize that true love is more about 'Actions'. I have heard some of the most heartfelt lines that a person could share with their so-called significant other, or should I say, soul mate. However, as pretty as they sound, they are nothing but empty words filled with gas - no action."

- W.E Bowman, Author

"Be a go getter and pursue all your goals and dreams that you have set out to do in life. Go-getters dream big. Sitters are small minded people who will downgrade your goals and dreams while they have no goals and dreams of their own. Don't allow a sitter to hinder and stop you from achieving your goals and dreams of success."

- Michelle Cain, Author

"Sometimes your enemies are your enemies because they lack the courage to stand with you as a friend."

- ThePoetGod, Author

"...I wish for death every day, but every time I think my life finally escapes me, it turns out to be just another dream. Torture, stuck in a loop. I'd open my eyes, and there it is, playing in front of me like a movie on a screen. Is this the place called Had?s, where so many immortal souls fear they'd end up? Today or tonight, I cannot tell anymore, like every other day, I just opened my eyes from death's dream. The movie of my entire life is about to begin. Ironically, people had it all wrong. They'd say there is always the calm before the storm. In my case, it was the total opposite, and it's driving me insane..."

- Vee Nelly, Author

"He that refuseth instruction despiseth his own soul: but he that heareth reproof getteth understanding."

- King Solomon

"Sometimes I long to feel the sun upon my skin, but my hurt, my pain, my tears of rain keep drowning me... I wonder, am I going insane? If only I can breach the surface above, I will become as free as a little bird that flies that longing sky in the glare of the sun. But I am trapped beneath. Oh God, can you hear my cries in this ocean so deep? Can anyone see my face? Lend a hand, pull me out of this disgrace? I must keep pressing on that matrix mirror, my face rests upon, beneath. I don't know anymore which is up or down... I look up every time the moon and sun rises, but I see no one, only my reflection... Someone help me!..."

- Visions of Prosetry - Vee Nelly, Author

"Counsel in the heart of a man is like deep water; but a man of understanding will draw it out."

- King Solomon

"Based upon many different sources, this word has multiple implications and definitions. Here are two: 1. "Forget Everything And Run"; 2. "False Evidence Appearing Real" One might have their own personal definition of what FEAR means to them... how it makes one feel. In my opinion, 'FEAR is what you make it, or what you allow it to do to you.' We all have been down that road. We're all too familiar with this enemy's negative influences over us which leads to: "Doubt, Unbelief, Lack of Faith, and Pessimism..." In other words, if you should invite FEAR into your home, be sure that he is bringing with him other unwelcome guests. Based upon personal experiences FEAR makes people "Run Away From Something or Someone," and it can 'Cripple Us To the Point of Immobility.' Often times, 'that which we FEAR is really "The Unknown" or "Things that are Much Smaller Than We Are'. FEAR is a part of our DNA for good cause, but don't let him rule your life in negative and unfruitful ways. We were all given the ability to chose. We can either "Forget Everything And Run" or "Fight Everything And Rise!" FEAR is at the entrance of every person's door to their Soul. What are you going to do when it comes knocking?"

- TC Neville Senior, Author

Vee Nelly ( Author )

Vee is a poet and writer by heart from the West Indies. He has published several series of books. To name a few, "Visions of Prosetry, A King's Fall & Dark Haze" ...

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