The Importance Of Perception

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KVINC AUG 24, 2022 Post Comments
"If doors of perception were cleansed, man would see everything as it is... Infinite."

- William Blake

The Power Of Perception is extremely important to understand with regard to how and why you attract and come to experience the day to day life experiences in each area of life. It's important that is, if you have a "sincere desire" to begin consciously and consistently creating more desirable outcomes that you have.

How you perceive a situation, regardless of what that situation may consist of or which area of life it is, has a direct impact on the future results that you will inevitably experience as a result of that perception, or more specifically the emotions that are experienced as a result of the perceptions that you hold.

Oxford's Definition

perception /pəˈsɛpʃ(ə)n / noun [mass noun] 1 the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses: the normal limits to human perception. ▪ awareness of something through the senses: the perception of pain. ▪ Psychology & Zoology the neurophysiological processes, including memory, by which an organism becomes aware of and interprets external stimuli. 2 the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted: Hollywood's perception of the tastes of the American public [count noun] we need to challenge many popular perceptions of old age. ▪ intuitive understanding and insight: ‘He wouldn't have accepted,’ said my mother with unusual perception. – DERIVATIVES perceptional adjective – ORIGIN late Middle English : from Latin perceptio(n-), from the verb percipere ‘seize, understand’ (see perceive).

Based on the above definition we can conclude that perception, more importantly YOUR perception of something is an observation, interpretation, or a mental image that you hold with regard to some event, condition, or circumstance. In other words it is how you SEE things in the world around you that molds, shapes and determines your individual perception

A key component to grasping and understanding how limiting any individual "perception" might be is understanding that

"individual perceptions are... in the vast majority of cases formed and based on "awareness" of the elements of environment through physical sensation."

That's not only a very limited way of viewing life, it's often times that very way of "doing things" that creates and sustains what can be and often is "perceived" as being an inescapable cycle of "less than desirable" outcomes.

In other words, we often allow our "perceptions" to be formed based on what we can see, hear, touch and smell. If what we SEE unfolding all around us conflicts with what we desire individually, we often "judge and label" it based on our chosen beliefs and perceptions.

We all have the right, the ability as well as the "free will" to view and discern what's true or untrue in "reality" as we choose. But the reality is that there's much more going on in our physical environment than can be observed with the limitations of the physical senses.

How you have come to view, see and perceive things in the physical world has happened as a result of a belief that you have established at some point in the past. Many times those perceptions can be flawed or at the very least quite limited depending on how they were acquired and the evidence that presented itself which determined how it is that you arrived at any given conclusion.

A very common perception among "unconscious creators" is that you perceive things the way you do because that is the way things are. Why would I refer to this as a "perceived truth" and not "Higher Truth?" Because the "Higher Truth" is that things are the way they are because of how you "perceive" them to be.

These individual perceptions chosen and held, stir, activate and put into motion the "under the radar" process that draws from Actually what you experience in your "physical reality."

In reality, a perception is merely the effect of any given belief. That perception is merely an individualized awareness based on a belief that you have established. If the belief is flawed or self limiting... if it's based on anything less than a "Higher Truth", the perception that you hold with regard to the belief held will be flawed and self limiting as well. And the results that you experience (additional effects) will correlate precisely with what you "perceive" to be true.

Basically in all reality, there exists no such thing as an "untruth." There do exist lower truths and Higher truths and your choice of which of these you choose to utilize does make it YOUR truth which unfolds in your life just as YOU believe and "perceive" that it will.

It is VITALLY important to see ALL that you encounter and experience in your life, regardless of how it may APPEAR at the time, ultimately unfold precisely as you "perceive" that it will, and serves as a means of growth which is designed to enable you to fully experience life based on the most precious gift that you could have ever been given... your inalienable right of free will to think, believe and perceive as YOU choose.

Unfortunately, many times those perceptions can lead to unpleasant or uncomfortable physical conditions. But even during these times, there is always a lesson to be learned, something to be discovered and learned from that is designed to bring you back to the path of truth. Higher Learning.

What is this Higher Truth?

The fact that you are a LIMITLESS and Infinite being existing in an Infinite and Limitless Universe with the ability to experience life in the way that YOU choose.

The Higher Truth is that truth is "Infinite" in nature. Whatever quality of "truth" you choose which molds, shapes and determines your individually held "perceptions" is drawn from this "place of infinite proportion" ...what I refer to as Actuality and is made "real and tangible" in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual areas of your life.

By developing this understanding and establishing it as a firm belief, and then fully expressing heartfelt gratitude for the growth that you are experiencing, you will become empowered to begin attracting more of those outcomes that are pleasing rather than more of that which you would rather not experience.

The point that should be noted is that

"how you perceive your life to be is precisely what you will attract to you and how you will experience life in the physical realm."

An in depth understanding of The Power of Perception will clearly provide you with an extremely enlightening and empowering level of Self Awareness of who and what you "truly" are...the power that's been provided to you to create a quality of life based on YOUR choices and that you are... without exception...the co-creator of your reality.

Without question or exception...How you "perceive" reality you will receive and experience a mirrored reflection of that in your reality.

Discover the power of finding good in ANY situation. Develop the unshakable awareness that ALL things, regardless of what they are or how they may APPEAR at the time, YOU are creating and that ALL happen for a "greater good" ...a greater purpose.

When you have successfully adopted and internalized this way of thinking and "perceiving", you will have discovered the key to attracting and experiencing a life far more fulfilling than you have ever previously experienced or "perceived" as being possible. You will have made one huge step forward in discovering how to consciously and purposefully begin designing and "consciously creating" the life that you desire, deserve, and were created to enjoy."

"Mastering the Power of Perception will enable you to achieve life/self mastery."

Your perception is merely what you believe to be true concerning any number of situations. Throughout life many of us are taught various things that late in life we many times begin to discover really weren't true at all. These things we'll label "Perceived Truth." These perceived truths although they very well may not be based on "Real Truth" are what we adjust our behaviors to, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually which determine the "effects" that we'll experience as a result.

To better illustrate let's refer to the following example...

Think back many years ago when all of the people of the world were taught and believed that the earth was flat and that the sun, stars, moon etc. revolved around the earth. Although we now understand that even though those teachings were not based on real truth, they became the truth of those that believed them. Although not real truth, they were in fact a "perceived truth" of those that lived during that period.

Now consider for a moment the impact that had on the population of that time. It created fear that if one were to venture out to far, that they would fall off the edge of the earth never to be seen again!!

So what does that have to do with the power of perception and why would I mention it for this article? Simply because just as the people of that day had established a perceived truth concerning the shape of the earth which limited their ability to venture out and discover and experience all that was "Truly" available to them, you too currently hold on to beliefs that restrict you from venturing out and experiencing all that is your right to experience. Although MANY things are perceived to be true, they in fact aren't based on truth at all.

The Real Truth is that ALL there is is Faith and Abundance and Unconditional Love and your life will unfold precisely based on the thoughts and beliefs that you hold which determine the "Faith" of what you'll receive an "Abundance" of.

At some point it becomes YOUR responsibility to discover these "perceived truths" which are blocking your ability to "receive" and begin to replace them with "Real Truth" if you choose to fulfill "desires" held and live the quality of life intended for you which is limitless in nature.

Your perceptions of truth make them "Your Truth" and as a result your life experiences will unfold perfectly based on those perceptions.

The Power Of Perception will mirror your "inner world" in the physical world, produce results in exact correlation to those perceptions that YOU choose to hold on to.

Here are some common "perceived truths" which are NOT based on "Real Truth."

  • Money is hard to come by.
  • You must work hard for the money you earn.
  • It takes money to make money
  • Relationships are difficult and take hard work to keep together, etc. etc. etc.
  • The Power Of Perception has the power to and WILL mold and shape your entire existence on earth and will determine precisely how that life experience unfolds. If you don't like what has transpired to this point discover the "Real Truth" concerning why it is the way it is and develop the beliefs, faith and way of thinking that will enable you to change what it is that you are experiencing. Eliminate your self restricting and limiting perception of truth and discover REAL TRUTH and you will know what it means to experience heaven on earth.

    Quite literally, "The Truth Will Set You Free."

  • Do you enjoy great physical health?
  • Are your relationships, fulfilling, satisfying and mutually rewarding?
  • Regardless of how you may have answered those questions, whatever is happening in the present, whatever events, conditions, or circumstances that you are currently experiencing in your life are based on a perception that you hold or have held at some point in the past. Change your perceptions about what reality is and your reality will change.


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