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Introduction: Treat Her Like A Queen

W.E. Bowman | Genre: Spiritual, Non-Fiction, Self Help, Inspirational | Views: 300,890 | Rating: Not Yet Rated | Updated Aug 03, 2022 | Post Comments |
"I dedicate this book to my baby sister Nakeisha Bowman, whose memories will forever be a part of my life. I'll always feel my sister's presence because that's how close we were. She departed from this life with many memories that not only my family and I shared, but memories that will forever be heart-kept for time after time. I do all I do in memory of a young woman that truly held the title: "QUEEN." I'm sure she would have enjoyed this book. I hope all of you enjoy it to."

- W.E. Bowman


"When this manuscript came to me, on a cursory glance over, I was a bit discouraged because it needed a whole lot of editing and formatting. It was not until I learned about the circumstances of this soon-to-be author Mr. Bowman and his genuine intentions, that I vowed to delve into turning this project into book material. It was indeed a job, where I had to decipher and retype it... make it readable for our assistant editor to go over. Upon peeling back the many layers of the chapters, this book became very interesting and deep, all the while something began to stir within me. This book was indeed worth the blood, sweat and tears ;). I rate this book a 5-star for originality and inspiration. Ladies, you will love this book. Fellas, it would be wise of you to get a copy of this book as well. You will actually learn something..."

- KVI Network Creations.


I'm very aware of the millions of books written throughout this country, not to mention throughout the "World," but I invite everyone, or should I say, give an invitation to this book in hopes that you'll enjoy it. I wrote this book to open the eyes of men, that men will come to realize that "God's" most beautiful gifts in life comes in some of the most closest places. This book will allow women to realize their true identity and get in position. This book will let women know that you are what you truly believe to recognize about yourself within. I say the only difference between a Queen and one not being a queen is that,

"A Queen recognize and know she is a Queen,"
and the other
because she has no clue of whom, or what is a Queen. This book will also open your eyes and mind to the knowledge of truth, that every woman is a Queen to some man. Until a woman accept the knowledge of truth and see the "Queen in self," and acknowledge the fact that all women are Queens, then hopelessness is their future. This book will also let men know,
"Where one man may see a woman as being less than Queen material, other men will always see her differently."

Treat Her Like A Queen

Not Yet Released
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Color PDF. Available in all sizes. Standard Size: 6"x9" / 5"x8". Hardback & Paperback Copies Available. Signature Copies Available Upon Request. 3-5 Day Handling. Flat Rate Shipping: $6.99 (anywhere in continental US). 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on Print Items. 30min. Money Back Guarantee On Digital Items.


Christian, Spiritual, Novel.


Intended for all audience and culture, especially our young men.


This book will open the eyes of many Men and Women. I could not have wrote this book without the faith, love for others, and wisdom from my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I give all glory to "GOD THE CREATOR AND MAKER OF THIS EARTH." Yes, I made some wrong turns in my life, but never lived those wrong-turns out. (You only become what you live out). I came to realize that one "bad choice" didn't determine who I was, and the reason for that is, I never chose to live-out those bad choices. I'm better today because I used what was considered a stumbling block in my life and turned it around for the best of making a difference in others' lives. This book will show men how to treat your woman like Queens, and also show women how to get in a position to be treated like the Queen you were meant to be. Men, in order to know how to treat a woman like a Queen,

"you must recognize the time where you didn't treat her like a Queen."

This book will surely show you there is no price tag on buying your Queen! One must earn his Queen and win her with his "Heart," not with paper "Dollars."

"You only treat her like like a Queen because this is, and has always been her inheritance. A Queen is always who She was meant to be."

I close the introduction out by saying,

"Failures are good when you recognize them."

Thank You!

I would like to thank all the loving people who encouraged me into writing what my heart felt. Thanks to my editor, publisher and team at "KVI Network Creations," friends, and more than ever God, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I hope this book move the hearts of many, and do know that I wrote this book with "My Entire Heart" because I truly care."

My book will be released soon. In the mean time, you can follow some of my works at:

  • KVI Net. Creations.

    Best Regards,
    W. E. Bowman Jr.

    To My Sister.

    This Book is for you.