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MidKnight Rendezvous - Visions Of The Knight

Katrina Black Butterfli Rating: Sep. 21, 2020 Amazon review of "MidKnight Rendezvous" by Vee Nelly Post Comments

The stories were very captivating and entertaining. The words were very beautifully written and painted the pictures perfectly. I love all the poems, but my favorites were, Butterfly Tattoo, Mirror Trap, Monster Fiend, and Liquid. I'm looking forward to reading more from this author and I'm a fan of your work!!!

Katrina Black Butterfli

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In re: Katrina's Review - MidKnight Rendezvous

Again, thank you Katrina Black Butterfli for following my works. I loved it when you wrote, "painted the pictures perfectly". This was the effect I was going for indeed.

I believe that the canvas of any painting can be compared to the soul of a person, and written on that canvas are words, colors, stories, and experiences of that person him/herself.

If one can compose literature on the basis of looking at a simple photograph... same holds true in reverse.

- Vee Nelly, Author | Poet

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