My Sea Of Fears


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My Sea Of Fears

What Are You Afraid Of?

J.D. Cooper JUL 05, 2022 Post Comments

Where do I begin
to describe,
this sea with no end?

All these years,
and all these tears
have led to this
huge sea of fears.

This ocean I have cried,
waxes and wanes
with its moonlit tide,
bringing in present pain
from demons of anxiety
is all I gain.

It slowly subsides
and I can breathe,
only to come back
like a den of thieves.

Gnashing at my soul
like a hungry demon,
these fears are relentless
in the darkness of my prison.

This is some of the price I pay,
and the Cross I must bear,
that very few know
and even fewer care.

J.D. Cooper (BA Communications)

Mr. Cooper holds a Bachelor Degree in Communications and is a Certified Bee Keeper.