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Official Review - Need Of A Change


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Need Of A Change - A New Beginning

Poetry From An Old Soul

KVI Network Creations Rating: SEPT. 28, 2022 Book Review of "Need Of A Change written by Rita Rana Post Comments

Book: "Need Of A Change, A New Beginning"/ Book: B089M8WWHB

Where do I begin. WOW! Our first expression. The book cover is beautiful and its meaning interpreted. Great Job! This book is indeed remarkable and deep. It is said that the Spiritual Words of the Bible is like a two-edged sword piercing who it strikes and in-turn cutting the holder of it...at the same time (paraphrasing of course).

The Author's words are indeed that sword. These poems/prose reminds me of unique ancient sayings as if this Authoress has lived 100 years already (shows maturity), or lived this life before (reincarnated), but coming back to this earth to share great wisdom.

I find this book encouraging, engaging, convicting to the soul, it's raw to the point...candid, honest, humble, edifying and so much more. The layout of the Soul of this Book flows like a river connecting each new chapter, answering the previous question thereof. It is truly Art in the form of words.

Often times I find myself searching within and questioning the path and decisions I've made previous in life leading up to this moment because Rita's words have indeed struck that sensitive cord within. The book makes one look into that near distant future and connect the truth of one's life (as the Author had just expressed)... The book indeed does this to a person. Rita seems to connect, really know inner workings of the human soul. Rita shows Her vulnerability, courage, and boldness at the same time...she is human just like us.

There are several poems in this book that brought me to the brink of tears to which I had to fight back because the Author's words were so heart-filled, humble and true. The Author indeed shows the character of a loving and caring person, not only for oneself but others mostly. This Authoress, I can tell, actually pays attention to others around her and has that charismatic nature or vibe that I know and love. If I were a stranger in her midst, I would be drawn to her...a magnet pulling towards such an intelligent, positive human being.

Ok, this review is getting too long.

In conclusion, the overall feeling of this book when read are warmth, love, comfort, truth, integrity, honesty, humbleness, and heart-felt... We rate this book a five-stars. We would definitely recommend this book to many others, young and old. It is indeed a book everyone should want to read and hopefully will read, or you will miss out.

We do hope this Author continues writing more. We do pray for her strength and many blessing in the future (everything her hands touch and the path walked). I am very grateful for being introduced to the Heart, Soul, and Mind of this Author, Rita Rana. Thank You.

Verified and Submitted by: TC Neville Senior
Founder KnightVision.Ink
Book Type: E-book Edition

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