Officer! Please Don't Shoot!

Officer! Please Don't Shoot!


Selena JUL 05, 2022 Post Comments

Officer Please Don't Shoot!

Red and blue.
I see flashing in my rear view.
What could I have done,
To escape the pigment of my skin that runs
Down my arms and face
Like half this human race?

I've listened to the stories, seen the news,
Often wondered, what 'they' could've done,
Staring into the black abyss; into the barrel of this gun.
"Officer, please don't shoot!"

Please stop yelling and talk to me.
I'd like to know the reasoning
Behind your terrified face
And rapid heart rate.
Why is your finger on the trigger?
I can hear the fear in your voice as you shiver.
Why so terrified of my melanin,
To which complements my elegance?
My hands are up,
"Officer, please don't shoot!"

Can't you hear?
Your voice is higher than mine-
My voice is lower than yours.
I'm trying to reason with you.
Shouting at me, spittle flying from your chops,
Like a rabid, barking dog,
Will not intimidate me to move,
To the beat of your angry drum.
I must stand my ground.

I am already justified
In body, soul, and spirit,
I'm human just like you.
But from the moment you saw my color,
I became a threat-weapon.
What will you do now?
Will you violate the meaning of the
badge upon your chest?
Ignore the oath that you vowed,
"To Serve and Protect"?
Yet you neglect,
My words to you as I plead and beg?
"Officer. [BANG!] Please. [BANG!] Don't. [BANG!-BANG!]..."

- Selena (LSDW) | Poet