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KVI Network Creations Rating: July 07, 2022 Post Comments

Greetings Readers,
The following is an official and candid review that has been long overdue about my experience with the team of founded by Scott. At first, like anyone else, I am bit skeptical of conducting any kind business online with any platform, and now since I have a platform of my own, I can understand how people feel as well towards myself, hence I believe in transparency and integrity when dealing with my clients and customers.

"An Online Book Club That Lives Up To Its Name"

Speaking on 'transparency & integrity,' this is what Scott and his team offers to their customers.

No One Ever Forgets Their First Experience

My first experience signing up was nothing short of easy and the customer support were always hands-on, quick, and made sure to followup with you every step of the way.

I am most impressed by the founder Scott, who chooses not to sit behind the scenes and let this company run itself, but engages with members also.

Candid Reviews Are Always the Best Reviews

I've submitted several books for review with this platform and once again, I was instantly impressed by the candid reviews I've received each and every-time. I believe this is the highlight of this platform and what makes it unique in my opinion. Everyone loves honesty, even though truth sometimes hurt. So in honesty, I did get my feelings hurt on certain reviews, and some of my works were taken out of context by the reviewer. Was I offended? Of Course! But, instead of just sitting there stewing, I took the critiques of my works and adjusted. Some things in my books I had to clarify for future readers. So in other words... the reviewers did not tell me what I 'wanted' to hear based on what I paid, they told me what I 'needed' to hear that may assist me in the future. Although, some of the critiques were irrelevant and misplaced, I still had an open mind to look at things from a different perspective and adapt the mentality that each and every one of us are different and diverse in how we perceive things from our eyes. Sometimes the things and the way we interpret them has a lot to do with our background culture and experiences, whether good or bad. This is why we should always get many opinions and perspectives from a diversity of people.

You might ask what my ratings were on my books? Well, I got about three different reviews on one book 'Visions of Prosetry' and each reviewer had something different to say, but still, each review rated my book a 3 out of 4 Stars. For an amateur at that time, I consider these great reviews. (Note: This platform's highest rating scale is 4 Stars, in contrast to the traditional 5 Star Ratings on other platforms.)

Each Person Has A Right To Defend Himself Or His/Her Actions

The member access area is okay but can be expanded. This is where the points are deducted a little (not a lot).

The only issue that I have with access as a member at this time, is the "Forum" section. After your book is reviewed, said reviewer post your review (with your permission) to the blog forum section. Here is where other potential readers and buyers view that review and determine if your book is best suited for them. The issue I have with this is that the submission author (myself) have no way to comment and defend my work. Remember the reviewer that took some of my work out of context? Well, based on the forum comments on this review, I can tell hurt my credibility and I had no way to defend or clarify why my literature was presented in the style it was presented.

I like to consider myself and style unique; a style that goes against the grain of all the past authors. I mean, why would I want to copy the style and talent of popular authors when I can pave my own style of writing? After-all, I was influenced to write based on music and lyrics, not necessarily past authors. I think that when certain readers or reviewers read a book so uniquely outside the norm of what they are used to, they might deem it erroneous, instead of recognizing a new revolution/evolution of style in this time and day. Just because you are different does not make you an outcast or an anomaly.

So to Scott, I think authors should have a right to defend and explain their works instead of having a forum to be just one-sided.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but maybe the reason for not allowing submissions to comment on the forum is because there might be solicited spam posts or disgruntle authors who might say things that are offensive to the reviewers? This however can be tailored by having a screening bot implemented to flag certain messages before post for abusive words, tones and threats. Just a suggestion.

Tribute To Reviewers

Previous Reviews With

  • Review One - Book 001-246
  • Review Two - Book 001-346
  • Review Three - Book 001-546
  • I would love to give a special thank you to the reviewers who specifically reviewed my book Visions of Prosetry. Your reviews lived up to the company's expectation of candor. Your reviews, although some a bit harsh, helped me greatly to be a little better in my presentation and attention to detail. I am still working on these areas. So, you know who you are... I thank you!

    Price Sometimes Determine The Value Of A Product Or Service

    The pricing in my opinion is a little high, but what complements the price is all the features and packages that comes within the price. Everyone is not as rich or have the finances to pay high fees all the time, especially with what's going on in the world today. Maybe 10 years ago but not today. I think some plans can be more tailored to a class of people who cannot afford it all up front. Maybe a payment plan, maybe lower packages with less features.

    Someone once asked me, if I'm selling a product that cost $100 dollars and only attracted 20 buyer sales and the same product for 50$ or lower and attracted 3000 plus buyers... where will the most customers and money be earned? Would it not be the latter price?

    Even though it is said that price determines quality and service, if this is truly a platform that is meant to help people, then regardless of lower prices, your quality and service offered should never change. I believe Scott's company to be indeed one of integrity so-far, and won't have a problem with this suggestion.

    Bonus Points

    That being said, the points do go back up to five star ratings however because, when a customer is not pleased or based on certain limited circumstances, Scott and his team are eager to help and remedy whatever issues you might have. Just Ask!

    Overall Review & Rating


    My overall review and ratings are 5-Stars out of 5-Stars. Great platform, room for improvements and expansions. Knowing Scott and his team's eagerness to help, I know they will make this platform even better in the future. So readers and visitors, give a try. You will not be disappointed. If you are, you can find the above review in our Forum and leave a comment proving my experience to-date July 09, 2022 (new review comments only after this date) to be be incredible. I hereby authorize this review.

    Every Little Bit Of Knowledge Shared Can Work Big Wonders!

    Before wrapping up, I would love to leave you readers with this article: How To Review A Book - A Step-By-Step-Guide For New Beginners that may assist you in the future.

    - Vee Nelly, Author & Poet
    Founder of KnightVision.Ink

    Special Recognition

    In Ref: Arite Seti's Review - Visions of Prosetry

    First, I would love to thank the reviewer - Arite Seti, for taking the time to read my book (Cover Edition 001-246) and leaving an honest review. This review was my very first with This review (although the others were just as great) was also my favorite despite loosing a star for common mistakes found in my text.

    I must admit when I first submitted my book for an editorial review, I did not pass it through a professional editor. Some of the words I missed were indeed 'common mstakes' that I should have caught.

    Proving the authenticity and candor of this review, you were not hesitant to penalize me for this and I respect your integrity. It pays to have diferent eyes review your final work.

    Secondly, what I most adore about this review was the connection I believe that Arite shared with my soul poured out onto the pages. Arite actually "read my book"... she understood me. With a review such as this one, I believe I've accomplished (but with room for improvements) exactly what I needed to with the illustrations and paintings I worked very hard to convey; to which I wanted my readers to grasp from the canvas of my soul.

    This book since this review, has been reviewed at least two more times, and since then professionally edited to which the latest reviewer stated that the book was "exceptionally edited" (see cover edition 001-546, same manuscript differ design cover).

    In conclusion, thank you once again Arite Seti for taking the time to choose and read my work. I wish you many blessings and love in the future. Amen.

    Vee Nelly ( Book Author )

    My name is TC Neville Senior, also known as Nelly. I am a self-motivated, creative author who writes to share my thoughts and experiences with the public. Genres that I am most interested in reading and writing includes Horror, Crime, Suspense, Thrillers, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Eschatology, and Spiritual Novels. I love a well crafted book with twists and turns.

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