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Our Daily Path

Thoughts & Aspirations

C. Robert SEPT 06, 2022 Post Comments

My mind is thinking of positive things
and the happiness and joy it brings.
If we would think before we choose,
then there would be nothing that we should lose.

If we remain strong,
then nothing will go wrong
and we can all rejoice, sing that joyful song
in that Heavenly throng,
that will never be banned.

The Lord is my light.
The Lord is my strength.
I will never go without Him again.

He is my rock, my shield,
a present help in times of need.

I thank you, Lord for this day,
that places me in a better place.
You are the God I know that will never let me go.
So, I give my heart, my soul to You.
For alone, on my own, there is nothing I can do.

If ever I should fall by the way,
I know my Angel is here to stay.
So, thank you Lord for giving me the strength,
to endure until the end. Amen.

- C. Robert, Author & Poet

C. Robert ( Book Author )

Robert is the co-founder of KnightVision.Ink and a native of Kingston, Jamaica. He enjoys singing and playing musical instruments. You can find him always writing his thoughts and inspirations on paper, as well volunteering in his church and choir. Some say that Robert is a quiet soul, but that is not a bad thing. God speaks to those who can quiet the noise around them of this world. Robert is just the vessel God used to get His message through to his people. One can find some of Robert's Prose in the blog section of this website.