Our Yesterday


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Our Yesterday


LaVan Robinson SEP 03, 2022 Post Comments

While basking in the rays of the delightful sunny day I realized how much beautiful and pleasant were the times of our yesterday.
We would greet and meet in the annex of our hearts and soul's core and like innocent and naive children, until darkness arrived we would so carelessly play.

Oh yes, how I would love to get lost running...throwing caution to the wind with you once again in those times of our yesterday.
Your beautiful smile and cheerful persona would take away the clouds and rain of the times of our yesterday.

Under the shade of our validity and being, we gladly lay so comfortably and relish and cherished the cool breeze that softly danced across our sweaty faces while we were together in the times of our yesterday.

I love you today even more as I did my beloved Queen, when we were loving graciously, feverishly, unconditionally and so passionately in the amazing and good ole times of our yesterday.

- LaVan Robinson | Author & Poet