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You Took A Piece Of Me

Vee Nelly September 02, 2022 Post Comments

"You see darling, the thing about emotional and physical abuse is that it never allows you to truly forget. It is like a sharp spur, a thorn that buries itself deep within your inner being, a virus disease that slowly eats away your self-esteem...."

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The Missing Link - Stories & Imaginations

Admin August 07, 2022 Post Comments

Do you have imagination and wit? If so, help us finish this story!

Once upon a time, in a world where nothing is what it seems anymore; where both dream and reality are no longer divided between time and space, but fused upon the hinge of an escape; a glimmer of an image seen only from the corner of an eye; where one questions if they truly saw what they did, or was this just another figment of twisted imaginations...

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