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Designer Nisa Book Cover Concepts

Videos by Nisa

Nisa August 01, 2022 Post Comments

Concept book cover designs to fit your needs! Let me design your next book cover. Prices start at $5.00.

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Different Sides of the Same Coin Preview

Admin July 30, 2022 Post Comments

Different sides of the Same Coin is a full volume of poetry that is very reminiscent of Harlem Renaissance as it collides with 2019-2020 Social issues of family, social justice, racism, police brutality, grief, relationships, self-worth...

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Annette Phillip

Music by Thumbs Up Production

Admin June 10, 2022 Post Comments

Annette Phillip was born and raised in Goodwill Commonwealth of Dominica. She presently resides in New York City. Annette loved writing poetry and reading as a child, she decided to broaden her talent by writing her first childrens' book. Writing is her passion, and she promises this will not be her last book.

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KVI Spotlight Event

Video by Designer Nisa

Admin June 01, 2022 Post Comments

Contact us to learn how to get your spotlight designed by us and a chance to win $100.00.

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