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Book Review: Different Sides Of The Same Coin

Written by Chyrel & Lyris

KVI Network Creations Rating: JUL 08, 2022 Post Comments
"A book that you can snuggle up in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee and read for hours. Encountering the first page I was instantly sucked into a world that was not my own..."

Book Review

Encountering the first page I was instantly sucked into a world that was not my own. The scene of reading through the Author's first prose, was that of dimmed lights, I'm up on a stage, cool melody of Jazz music playing in the background, an audience sits before me attentive, as I recite the stanzas to the beat of the music. I am at a Jazz and Poetry Night Club.

As one reads on, I experienced the complexity, the articulate expressions of the Author as the words hit the pages; a roller-coaster of emotions began to well up inside me. The experiences in the poems were indeed relatable to oneself and that one has witnessed of others. The Prosetry was deep, real, and piercing to the soul.

Love the way the Author incorporates the Black Roots and Heritage of the dialect and tongue of the African. I appreciate this, being black myself, as my background is Native Caribbean Islander.

Diverse for all 'Cultures of Art, Prosetry & Short Stor(y)' Lovers.

Many favorites, so many to choose from.When reality comes knocking, what do you do? Love the uniquely crafted titles that captures the reader such as myself to want to explore its hidden treasures. I personally love to read stories that are unique, and has a twist. This book encompasses my love for things outside the norm. It goes against the grain of similarity.

Love letters and Personal Diaries of the Author, mutually relatable.

I am not alone in this thing called "Life".One can feel the Spiritual connection on every page. The title to the book encompasses my belief that there is a spiritual side to everything. Whether through interpretation, or the very nature of that person or thing itself. For example: the Bible to some people who read the words, just see 'words' on a page written by man. But those to whom are spiritually enlightened to see the Spiritual realm of things, not only the natural, sees more than just curvatures on a page; they see and feel the influence of the true "Author and Creator" who gave life to those words and the Creator of man himself.

A Two Edge Sword.

One can feel the very soul of the Author emanating through the words of this book.

Rhythm of Music I love, painted into Words.

Some of the poetic letters read made one blush. Most love letters out there are more focused towards the feminine gender (Nothing wrong with that, I love our Queens!). I find myself writing poetry that is geared towards that gender I love. But reading something like a love letter or poem as if it was meant for me, opened up something inside me that scare me. It makes one look at the "Other Side Of The Same Coin," so-to-speak, and I realized that myself, and possible most men out there... In other words, I cannot tell you when was the last time I had a love letter actually written to me. I think I speak for other men, that even though we are dubbed as macho and unemotional creatures, we are still human, and secretly (if one be honest) we would love to read a love letter written specifically to us about how our mate or spouse feels about us as men.

This book gives me a new perspective of seeing things through a different lens, and expressing my prosetry and stories in the future. This book is a keeper. Art painted unto canvas pages by the paint brush of the Author's imaginations.

Recommended Audience

Prose, Poetry, Short Stories, Diary, (Mixed bowl of genres and themes).
Recommended to adult audience.

Categorical Rating | Review

Character: Rated at 5 stars

The characters in the book fits the theme perfectly. This book overall, has personality; shows the reader the author's wit for creation, imagery, and imagination.

Tone: Rated at 5 stars

The tone of the book was upbeat, and engaging. Read like a play in a Broadway Theatre. A suspense, thriller, serious and relevant topics, mixed genres.

Climax: Rated at 5 Stars

The book was well in tack. This book is a collection of poetry and prose, not a novel. Nevertheless, each and every story in its own classification proved always climatic.

Ending: Rated at 5 Stars

Although an excellent read, I took away half a star because at times reading through the book there were certain words that were a bit hard to decipher. This at times can cause a reader to pause and try to determine the word with context of the story; these pauses take away from the natural flow of the storyline. This is to no fault of the authors, it just means that this book was written above average; in a more sophisticated syntax than most reading classes. I have read other reviews that complained advance words such as similes, metaphors, analogies and so on, needs to be very careful when applied to literature. Many words do have double or more than one meaning and sometimes can take your entire story or book out of context. This happened to me several months back when a reviewer critiqued several stories in my book 'Visions of Prosetry'. It is still a controversial issue on the subject today among writers: "Who Do We Write For - the Readers or Ourselves?"

Overall Rating

Average rating: 5 Stars

There was nothing in this book that was unsatisfactory overall, other than what my opinion pointed out above. I can tell the authors put a lot of time, funds, and effort to make this book unique and well packaged for the readers. Thank you authors for sharing a piece of your soul in the form of written words with me

Additional Comments

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