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Review of Visions of Prosetry

Arite Seki Rating: 12 Jun 2021, 03:29 OBC review of "Visions of Prosetry" by Vee Nelly Post Comments

Visions of Prosetry by Vee Nelly is a colourful collection of short stories and poetry. Nelly combines these forms of storytelling to weave an illustrative tale of life and love. Readers can expect to be enchanted by an assortment of stories that include romance, fantasy, supernatural, and even thrillers. This book is a relatively short read, and the prose is expressed poetically. This means that the book can also provide a good introduction to readers who wish to start reading poetry, or prose that is slightly more artistic.

My favourite aspect of the collection was the author’s use of the poems to uplift women. One poem, in particular, spoke to how women can see themselves as a priceless jewel, perfectly crafted by God. This was one of my favourite pieces in the book because I enjoyed the imagery and the sentiment behind the words. I also enjoyed the overall flow and structure of the book. Some of the stories were separated into parts and continued later in the book. I found that this only added to the suspense and the general flow of the book.

The only aspect that I found negative was the common mistakes that I found in the text. Besides this, I found nothing that I disliked about the book, and I found the stories to be entertaining, and the poetry to be authentic.

I give Visions of Prosetry a 3 out of 4 stars rating. The text was delivered artistically, and I felt that this conveyed the author’s views and ideas expressively. I removed a star because I believe the errors that I noticed in the book would have been picked up through professional editing. I found the book to be poignant and quite entertaining. Some stories draw inspiration from real-life situations, and others use the imagination of the author. I find that this helps to keep the reader enthralled.

I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy reading short stories and poetry. The book mainly consists of short stories and a smaller proportion of poetry, so even readers who do not usually read poetry will be able to enjoy it. This book contains sexually suggestive passages and so I would not recommend this book to younger readers or anyone offended by that. The subject matter touches on matters such as abusive relationships, affairs, which makes this book better suited for an older audience.

Arite Seki

Readers, please be aware that OBC's highest rating scale stops at 4-stars in contrast to the conventional 5-star rating systems, so technically this book rates at 4 out of 5-stars

Reply to Review by Author

In re: Arite Seki Review - Visions of Prosetry

First, I would love to thank the reviewer - Arite Seti, for taking the time to read my book (Cover Edition 001-246) and leaving an honest review. This review was my very first with This review (although the others were just as great) was also my favorite despite loosing a star for common mistakes found in my text.

I must admit when I first submitted my book for an editorial review, I did not pass it through a professional editor. Some of the words I missed were indeed 'common mstakes' that I should have caught.

Proving the authenticity and candor of this review, you were not hesitant to penalize me for this and I respect your integrity. It pays to have diferent eyes review your final work.

Secondly, what I most adore about this review was the connection I believe the Arite shared with my soul poured out onto the pages. Arite actually "read my book"... she understood me. With a review such as this one, I believe I've accomplished (but with room for improvements) exactly what I needed to with the illustrations and paintings I worked very hard to convey; to which I wanted my readers to grasp from the canvas of my soul.

This book since this review, has been reviewed at least two more times, and since then professionally edited to which the latest reviewer stated that the book was "exceptionally edited" (see cover edition 001-546, same manuscript differ design cover).

In conclusion, thank you once again Arite Seti for taking the time to choose and read my work. I wish you many blessings and love in the future. Amen.

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Since I was not allowed to defend my book on the platform, I've decided to place my response here. You can view my critique post on the experience I had with by following this Link.

- Vee Nelly, Author | Poet

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