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Post by Arite Seki » 12 Jun 2021, 03:29

[Following is an official review of
"Visions of Prosetry" by Vee Nelly.]

Image's Highest Rating Scale is at 4 Stars unlike other 5-Star Rating Scales Like Therefore, this book is actually rated 4 out of 5 Stars.

Author's Reply
Arite Seti's Review - Visions of Prosetry

First, I would love to thank the reviewer - Arite Seti, for taking the time to read my book (Cover Edition 001-246) and leaving an honest review. This review was my very first with This review (although the others were just as great) was also my favorite despite loosing a star for common mistakes found in my text.

I must admit when I first submitted my book for an editorial review, I did not pass it through a professional editor. Some of the words I missed were indeed 'common mstakes' that I should have caught.

Proving the authenticity and candor of this review, you were not hesitant to penalize me for this and I respect your integrity. It pays to have diferent eyes review your final work.

Secondly, what I most adore about this review was the connection I believe the Arite shared with my soul poured out onto the pages. Arite actually "read my book"... she understood me. With a review such as this one, I believe I've accomplished (but with room for improvements) exactly what I needed to with the illustrations and paintings I worked very hard to convey; to which I wanted my readers to grasp from the canvas of my soul.

This book since this review, has been reviewed at least two more times, and since then professionally edited to which the latest reviewer stated that the book was "exceptionally edited" (see cover edition 001-546, same manuscript differ design cover).

In conclusion, thank you once again Arite Seti for taking the time to choose and read my work. I wish you many blessings and love in the future. Amen.

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Sincerely Yours,
Vee Nelly -Author & Poet